11 Ways You Should Be Wearing Jeans to Work

There was a time not so long ago that the universal office dress code barred jeans completely. But in 2017, it's not unusual to wear jeans to work. While some of us still have to relegate our jeans to casual Friday, others among us can wear jeans seven days a week without issue. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we're here to offer a bit of inspiration and insight into exactly how to pull off power dressing in denim.

With every cut, rise, and wash of denim at your fingers, you have infinite ways to get creative with your 9-to-5 looks, but below we're highlighting eleven of our current favorite ideas. Incorporating a few of fall's major trends (hello, dramatic blouses and plaid blazers), you can give your favorite jeans that extra oomph you need. If style was a category on performance reviews, these looks would ace it.

Check it all out below; then shop a few of our favorite denim styles now!