6 Items I Wear to Make My Cheap Sweatpants Look Really Expensive

So you're living in sweatpants these days. I can relate. Sweats are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe right now, and I'd even go so far as to say that sweats are my wardrobe right now. They aren't exactly known for being particularly elevated or expensive-looking, especially compared with their other loungewear counterparts, but that all changes today because even if they didn't cost you very much, knowing how to style sweatpants with a few of the below items will suddenly have you looking a lot chicer. Trust me on this one.

These styling updates can be as simple as wearing a bodysuit tucked into your joggers in lieu of a standard T-shirt to give them a more streamlined look or as creative as layering on the jewelry with a more is more mindset. Sweatpants are such a choose-your-own-adventure item anyway, so I suggest you try out one or a few of the below items if you want to make them chicer and, in turn, more expensive-looking. Just take a look at how fashion girls have perfected their sweats looks in the below images, and shop the pieces you need to take them to the next level.

1. Tall Socks

Jogger sweatpants that cinch around the ankles look all the chicer with the addition of tall crew socks. Go the trendy route with Nike's iconic logo pair, or keep it simple with a plain ribbed pair.

Ah, the ribbed tank. A staple in any fashion girl's closet for the spring and summer months, ribbed tanks also happen to work well with sweatpants and full sweatsuits because they add a simple—but forward—touch.

3. Bold Gold Jewelry—and Lots of it

jewelry to wear with sweatpants



Gold jewelry makes anything you wear it with that much chicer—and sweats are no exception. Pile on the gold jewelry staples to your heart's content or pick one statement piece to anchor your look. It's all good in my book.

4. Bodysuits

chicest items to wear with sweatpants



Put down that plain T-shirt I know you were reaching for, and pick up a bodysuit instead. Wearing one tucked into sweats will create a streamlined look that always tops a standard tee any day.

Among the few shoes that look exceptional with sweats are good old white sneakers. A crisp pair of kicks immediately adds a sporty vibe to your sweats, taking them from looking lazy to looking athletic (and intentional).

6. Longline Jackets

best things to wear with sweatpants



Need to slip out of the house in your sweats? A longline duster jacket or trench coat will ensure the look is nothing short of sleek.