7 Home Décor Trends That Will Define 2021

For reasons that include staying home a lot more than ever, making our living spaces more comfortable and beautiful has become a priority for many of us this year. Instead of planning our next far-flung vacations, we've been planning our home office setups. With these shifted priorities as of late, you may have even noticed a change in your Instagram feed, with people looking for inspiration in their own homes more than ever. My point is, aspirational interior design and the home décor that goes into it is always a subject of interest, but perhaps more than ever, so I went straight to the source of many home trends to find out what to look out for in 2021. 

Brigette Romanek is a Los Angeles–based interior designer and founder of Romanek Design. She counts Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Joe Jonas, ballerina Misty Copeland, and Jenni Kayne as clients and is one of Architectural Digest's "AD 100" designers. When she graciously agreed to fill me in on the home décor trends to look out for in 2021, I knew I was in for some very stylish predictions. 

So without further ado, keep scrolling to find out which seven trends Brigette Romanek says to be on the lookout for, and then shop them for your own home. (And be sure to check out her stunning work here.)

Textured Fabrics

"Bouclés, alpaca, wools, sheepskins, they're all fabrics that make you feel cozy. We all need that right now. Not to mention, they are stunning!"—Brigette Romanek

Muted Color

"This could be any color you want to use—just the soft, warmer version. One that isn't as bright, but is calming and sophisticated."

Emerging Artists

"With all the galleries online now, you can find incredible art for your walls and pieces that make you feel good at all different price points. Art is an important part of design."

2021 home décor trends



Organic Shapes

"Curved sofas, egg-shaped coffee tables, rugs shaped like beans—I love all of this. They bring a natural coolness to the room."


"I've been seeing a lot of people reusing old pieces and rethinking them. It's beautiful to find something older, with a soul, that makes the room feel more special."


"Mix it up! Always! This approach makes the room last for years and years. Maybe you’ll change a fabric or two, but the pieces will stay."

2021 home décor trends



Eco Products

"I hope this isn't a trend and instead is something that only becomes more and more in play with design. As we become more aware of materials that aren’t good for us, we work to create better versions. With paint, carpets, and finishes, we now have many safer versions for home use."