7 Holiday Travel Tips We Swear By

7 Holiday Travel Tips



We get it: The traveling part of getting to your final destination is never fun, especially during the holiday season. You already have so much on your plate this time of year with work, get-togethers, and other events. Then, at the airport, the lines tend to be longer, the crowds tend to be bigger, and the flights are much fuller than usual, which means that there is much more of an opportunity for things to go south. There are, however, some surefire ways to make the journey a lot less stressful.

Having spent a lot of time traveling (thanks to work and personal trips), our editors have gotten enough experience under our belts to have learned some helpful holiday travel tips along the way, especially when it comes to dealing with flights.

The tips we've picked up cover everything from how we plan our day-of-travel outfit to what pieces will come in handy as we pack our carry-on bag to how we opt to organize all that we are bringing with us. This makes the journey much more of a breeze and helps guarantee a more relaxing flight to boot, which makes a huge difference. While traveling, unfortunately, leaves a lot out of our control, at least we can have some peace of mind by putting these tips into action.

Keep reading to check out our top holiday travel tips of the moment, plus shop all the products we rely on to make the trip (or trips!) go as smoothly as possible.



1. Opt for Comfy Yet Stylish Pants

Classic black leggings are a favorite for most since they go with just about everything.

These jeans are flattering and offer the perfect amount of stretch.

You won't regret wearing a pair of elevated sweatpants, especially when paired with stylish pieces.



2. Stock Up On Relaxing In-Flight Accessories

With its contoured design, you can get some shut-eye without having to worry about smudging your eye makeup.

Loud neighbor? Crying baby on board? With these noise-blocking headphones, your playlist or in-flight movie will go uninterrupted.

Bring your travel pillow to the next level with this luxe silk pillow. It's perfect for getting a comfortable sleep angle in your seat, protects your hair from getting frizzy, and helps to keep your skin wrinkle-free.



3. Bring Warm Layers

This lightweight coat adds a polished feel and much-needed warmth during the colder months.

Swap out your usual denim jacket for this sherpa version. It's perfect for adding some texture.

A wrap is a favorite for keeping warm in cold airports and chilly flights. It doubles as a stylish piece and an extremely cozy blanket.



4. Organize Makeup and Jewelry in Cases

This jewelry case is a godsend. It allows you to safely travel with all your prized pieces and keep them from getting tangled and damaged in the process.

This sleek-looking set is great for storing cosmetics and all the in-flight skin treatments you have planned. Plus, they can be monogrammed and come in a bunch of colors.



5. Wear Easy Shoes

These black boots have a convenient zipper on the side, making it easy to take them off and put back on in airport security.

These cool sneakers are super easy to slip on or off.

These warm loafers are so easy to wear. Bonus tip: Bring a pair of socks to quickly slip on when you have to remove these in the security line.



6. Bring a Smart Carry-On Bag

This is one of the most popular carry-on bags at the moment, and we're not surprised—it has a much-needed battery so you can charge your phone and other gadgets on the go.



7. Get a Great Travel Wallet

Rather than throw your ID or passport and boarding ticket back in your bag, try a travel wallet to keep everything in one place.

A travel wallet keeps all your important documents right where you need them. This helps you to avoid wasting time searching for them while checking in, going through security, and boarding your flight.

For more comfortable travel outfit inspiration, check out model and actress Cami Marrone's cozy look.