Here's How to Pack When You're Going Home for the Holidays

Going home for the holidays is both great and not so great. You get to spend some quality time with loved ones, reunite with old friends on your old stomping grounds, and eat copious amounts of delicious, indulgent food. But all these special occasions come with a side stress, too. 

We can't promise to prevent family feuds or awkward run-ins with your high school ex, but we can make things a little less overwhelming and a little more stylish by helping you look and feel your best with a comprehensive holiday travel capsule wardrobe to consult while you pack. Keep this handy while you pack for happier holidays and happier trails this season. 

First things first, your luggage. Opt or something stylish and classic so it doesn't clash with your outfit. 

Nothing is worse than opening your suitcase to discover you forgot to pack your socks, underwear, and bras, so here's your reminder. 

Bring a pair of sneakers and some exercise clothing in case you do some family (or solo) workouts. These are stylish enough to wear with casual outfits while running errands, too. 

It's always wise not to pack too many pairs of shoes since they tend to take up a lot of space. Wear your bulkiest (and warmest) pair during the travel day. 

Don't forget a pair of dressier shoes for those special occasions and last-minute parties. This pair will elevate any outfit.

Don't forget a warm outdoor coat! 

And if you have room in your suitcase, pack a more formal coat, too, for those holiday parties. If you think you only have room for one, a long wool coat is probably the better option, as long as you layer with warmer items underneath if you're traveling a colder climate. 

No need to pack a ton of pants. A pair of basic jeans will go with everything, from a white tee to a cozy sweater or a sleek top.

Pack a couple of basic tees to layer with. It's the ultimate staple of travel outfits, as it pairs with almost anything.

Pack a few lightweight going-out tops for Thanksgiving Eve and high school reunion parties. This can be dressed up or down. 

Pack a lightweight and cozy sweater in a neutral hue so you can wear it a few times with different pieces. Items in a neutral tone are also good because you can mix and match them again for new outfit combinations that won't clash.

Pack one or two formal dresses (unless you plan on being a social butterfly and going to several parties, in which case you can bring more). This one is great for the season since it's both festive and warm.

A comfortable pair of pajamas to lounge around in is essential. 

Bring a versatile bag that you can use from day to night and that has both a handle and a shoulder strap. Pick one on the smaller size—you're on vacation, so you basically only need your phone, wallet, and a lip balm. 

Don't forget to pack your cosmetics. 

Even more importantly, remember to bring any medications or supplements. This is probably the coolest pill case ever. 

Bring a thank-you card in your bag. Whether you're staying with extended family or you're going home with a friend or significant other for the holidays, it's always great to show your appreciation.

This post originally appeared on MyDomaine.