Proof You Can Do All Your Holiday Shopping on Amazon

unique gift ideas on Amazon


The Style Stalker 

The holidays are right around the corner, which means your gift-giving list is just starting to overwhelm you, right? (Can't just be us.) While we love a classic trip to the mall to remind us just how festive this time of year is, the reality is that finding something for everyone in one fell swoop is nearly impossible. But now, thanks to Amazon, holiday shopping has never been easier.

Without even having to leave the confines of your home (or bed), all of your unique holiday gifts can be purchased and crossed off your list all thanks to the lifesaving site that is Ahead, we created a mini gift guide filled with the unique holiday gifts you know you need as well as the ones you're probably forgetting about, including everyone from your mother to your co-worker. Ready to see just how simple holiday shopping can be? We thought so.


The new headphones he didn't know he needed.


A reminder to your mom that you're sending her kisses from afar.

Cashmere scarfs are always a great gift.

Best Friend

Add even more sparkle to your BFF's life than you already do.


The kind of gift they would never buy for themselves.


For those cozy days in the house. 



Something your co-worker can use at the office and beyond. 

There's nothing like a midday spritz for freshening up deskside.




Cool cubes that go with the next gift in the lineup.