The Best Sites for Holiday Shopping on Black Friday

Shopping for holiday gifts on Black Friday has become a great American tradition. And the deals to be had seem to get better and better with each year. Given that every retailer busts out its best deals of the year to celebrate the occasion, choosing what to spend your money on can be a daunting task. We've personally learned the hard way that waiting until the morning of Black Friday to decide what you're going to buy is a recipe for disaster, so allow us to help you plan ahead.

We have the inside scoop on the sale details from some of the best e-tailers for gift shopping, whether you're shopping for your fashion-girl BFF, your crafty mom, or your hard-to-shop-for S.O. Best of all, all of these sites are chock-full of pieces you might want to pick up for yourself along the way. Since Black Friday waits for no one, start making your list now, with the help of this handy guide (trust us—these deals are too good to miss).

Keep scrolling to get the sale details and shop our pick from each site!

This is the item you should never buy on Black Friday.

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