The Best Evening Bags for All of Your Holiday Festivities


Collage Vintage

With a flurry of holiday parties filling up your calendar for the rest of the year, naturally what you’ll wear to each event is at the top of your mind. And while we’ve helped you sort that out with these incredibly cool outfits ideas, today we’re focusing our attention on the one piece that’s sure to solve your outfit puzzle this holiday season—your handbag, of course. But exactly which bag you’ll carry to all of these festivities is a tough choice indeed. What will be the perfect piece to complement the rest of your look, hold only the essentials, and maybe even be a conversation starter?

To find the best evening bags you can buy right now, we’ve asked our editors each to share the one bag they can’t wait to tote around to all their events. From satin to velvet, pouches to structured handbags, you’re sure to find an evening bag that suits you. Not to toot our own horn, but every cool option that exists on the internet right now is here. Just saying.

Go on to see and shop which evening bags will carry you to every holiday party from now till January.