PSA: You'll Want to Make This Your New Go-To Holiday Party Outfit

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The holiday party circuit is sneaking up suspiciously fast, and I'm making a personal commitment this year to not buy dresses I'll only wear once. I tend to get carried away with the festive theme of the season, which means purchasing items that really can't be worn past New Year's Eve. Instead, this year I'm taking inspiration from fellow fashion lover Jenee Naylor, who has already styled a holiday party outfit I plan to wear over and over. The Washington, D.C.–based style guru wears pieces that are so good on their own that buyer's remorse will definitely not be in order (especially after seeing the affordable price tag on each one).

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Naylor's outfit centers around something she says every fashion fan should have in their closet: a slip dress. The wardrobe staple can be styled so many different ways beyond the holiday season and, more importantly, for a wide range of dress codes. "I am already planning on pairing the slip dress with my new combat boots and throwing on a sweater over the top," she tells me of its cost per wear.

She's most likely to wear this outfit combo to a Friendsgiving or family holiday dinner, so the styling pieces need to read party-ready without being overly formal. "Use accessories to elevate the look," she says. With this in mind, Naylor chooses comfortable block heels and a faux-leather jacket (think party on the bottom, business on the top). "I love finding supple faux-leather options that really make an impact," she says of this stylish jacket, which by the way, looks at least four times its price IRL.

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