The 3 Trending Outfits That Are Getting Us Through the Holidays

While we're absolute champions of the "wear whatever the heck you want!" school of fashion, we're still very aware of that slightly judgy colleague/family member/friend who always seems to have their eye on our choice of outfit. Whether it's Mom asking repeatedly if we're sure we're not cold in that dress or Jenny from accounting eyeing up our take on smart-casual, the struggle to find the right holiday outfit idea is all the more real as the temperature drops.

To make this hectic time of year just a tiny bit easier, we hit Nordstrom (our go-to spot, whatever the occasion) to share three must-know looks for our upcoming winter events, and they're all guaranteed to be 100% on trend as we barrel toward 2019. We may not have the last-minute airfares or extra hours in the day you're looking for, but we will have you showing up in style. Keep scrolling for the three foolproof head-to-toe holiday outfit ideas that are getting us through the season.

For an Outfit That Says

When the dress code requires something party-ready and you know it'll be balmy indoors yet freezing outside, dresses with sleeves (or at least one) is where it's at. We have no problem teaming this Hellessy number with slick, elegant accessories for that cocktail party we're attending as a plus-one, but we're actually thinking it's even more game for New Year's Eve. The '80s trend is where it's at, and holiday season was made for it to go full tilt. PS: We're currently wearing these Jacquemus earrings nonstop (our denim-and-sweater looks are loving them as much as our party dresses are).

For an Outfit That Says

At a loss to understand why you'd go from shivering in a turtleneck all day to wearing even less clothing at night? We hear you, and we're totally at peace with the fact we're finally turning into our mothers. ICYMI, chic sweaters + calf-grazing skirts + "look at my boots" boots = this season's foolproof look. It takes us from office to evening and from drinks with friends to dinner with the family.

It's snug, warm, and super comfortable, and nothing needs fussing or any real styling beyond throwing it on in. Also, metallics are still a thing—especially silver—so we're elevating this number by layering up the shine.

For an Outfit That Says

blazer-and-jeans outfit

Ah, yes: The dreaded smart-casual dress code. Whether it's that dinner party at a friend's really grown-up apartment or after-work drinks on casual Friday, there's nothing quite like negotiating the space between "I made an effort to look this effortlessly chic" and "I promise I'm not late because I rushed home to get changed." We still stand by our seasons-long claim that we can't live without easy, elevated outfits built around great denim and perfect blazers.

This season's update of the classic look? Velvet is trending, and it's just the luxe texture to make things feel seasonally appropriate. Embellished jeans feel special yet low-key—we'll be adding statement earrings rather than going too matchy with our finishing touches. Also, be sure to zoom in on the optic white boots. They're from a brand that's blowing up in the fashion space.

Pinning outfit ideas? Nordstrom is decked out with more than we can handle—we're particularly loving the '70s-inspired pieces it's curated.

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