25 Holiday Gifts for Any Man in Your Life

Buying holiday gifts for guys is often difficult. After all, they're unlikely to share their holiday wish lists; in fact, it's likely they haven't even given it any thought! Not to mention that navigating relationships with the men in your life can be challenging enough as it is. Whether it's your boss or a guy you've been casually dating, you might not even be sure whether giving a gift is even appropriate. On the other hand, your brother and dad receive gifts every year, and you're running out of creative ideas. 

The best way to approach gifts for any man in your life is to first think of their general interests. Is he an audiophile? Does he secretly like to pamper himself? Maybe he's looking for something new to do on weeknights after work. Then think small(ish) and affordable. Fortunately for you, we've already done the brainstorming. Whether you're buying for your dad, brother, boss, friend, or your S.O., read on for gifts he probably didn't even know he wanted (but will definitely love). 

Gifts For Your Dad

What do you get for the man who has everything? We're pretty sure this cliché was originally intended for dads. A tie, new socks… What about a lawnmower? Stop right there—we've got gift ideas your dad didn't even know he needed (but will definitely love).

Another cliché about dads? They all like whiskey. It may or may not be true, but if it applies to yours, get him this beautiful decanter and tumbler set for relaxed Sunday afternoons. 

Whether your dad is a fitness fanatic or a frequent flyer, he'll appreciate these sleek, quality headphones.

Your dad probably needs an upgrade on his wallet and doesn't even know it. He'll appreciate this low-key pick.

Your dad has been complaining about his aches and pains since you were born. Help him out with the best thing to happen to physical recovery—the Theragun. 

Forget Starbucks—this classic coffee maker is simple but effective, and perfect for his morning cup of joe. 

Gifts For Your S.O.

From the person you've been seeing for a few months to your longtime romantic partner, buying gifts for your S.O. around the holidays can be difficult. How do you strike the balance between budget-friendly, romantic, and useful? Our tip is to consider your partner's interests and then narrow in on something small.

These Common Projects are a crowd favorite—understated but stylish, they're the perfect accessory for any man.

Backgammon might be the most underrated board game of all time. Perfect for evenings spent at home or balmy vacation nights by the beach. This is a fun new way to spend time together.

He probably doesn't know it yet (or won't admit it), but he needs this luxurious bathrobe for his pre-work shower. 

Do you wish your guy smelled irresistible? He will with this cologne. 

Every man should have a nice watch. This classic brown band is not only versatile but budget-friendly. 

Gifts For Your Boss

Buying for your boss can be tricky. Out best advice? You want to keep it simple but still meaningful. Luckily, we've got just the thing…

If you don't feel comfortable buying your boss an alcoholic beverage, try coffee instead. If you know their coffee order (perhaps you've had to place it yourself on occasion), grab their favorite blend; otherwise this holiday blend is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Make his desk a therapeutic retreat with this zen garden. Don't knock it until you've tried it: The raking is thoroughly calming (and addictive).

If an alcoholic beverage is within your comfort zone, why not try switching it up with a classic monogrammed flask instead?

Coffee at work is a must. So is a cute coffee mug. 

Does your boss travel a lot for work? If so, he'll appreciate this compact toiletries bag. 

Gifts For Your Brother

If your brother is anything like mine, the old "What's on your holiday wish list?" question is met with a quick "nothing." How are you supposed to buy for someone who won't even tell you what they want? Well, with lots of experience and a little intuition, we've come up with foolproof gift ideas…

This mini-speaker packs a mean punch. Easily transportable with high-quality sound, he can blast his tunes wherever he goes.

This understated piece will take him to school, traveling abroad, or to the park—wherever his adventures might take him.

Rather than a pair of strictly "fashion" sneakers, try an athleisure pair like this. The latest release from Tyler, The Creator's ongoing collaboration with Converse is fit for the street (Tyler fans will instantly recognize them) and the hiking trails (thanks to the geometric treads).

More music in more ways. Any audiophile knows that an album sounds best on vinyl.

Introduce your brother to the world of shaving with this luxurious kit.

Gifts For Your Friend

When it comes to close friends, a holiday gift is certainly in order. When looking for gifts, play to their tastes and interests. Find a shared passion upon which your friendship is built, and start there. 

Winter is coming, and everyone needs a cozy new sweater. Help a guy out with this casual crewneck. 

The perfect pairing of Aesop's best-selling body cleanser and moisturizer, both packaged into one chic (and reusable) travel case. 

A weekend bag is a travel essential. Whether he's headed for a true weekend trip or just a light packer, this elegant duffel will get lots of use. 

This mixology kit will make your friend the ultimate host when he pulls it out at his next party. 

Is your friend a fitness fanatic? If so, he'll love keeping track of his progress with this fitbit. 

Still seeking more holiday gift inspiration? Look no further than these easy, affordable gifts.

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