15 Casual Gifts for the Person You're Kind of, Sort of Dating

We’re inching toward the holiday season, and you have a looming question on your mind: What the heck am I going to get the person I’m kind of, sort of seeing? Do I even get them anything? Finding casual holiday gifts can be tricky.

How do you say you care without overdoing it? Our advice is if your instinct is to maybe get something, a small gesture can’t hurt. But if you’re caught without a holiday gift for the guy you’ve been texting and they got you something, that’s a bit embarrassing—it might potentially communicate something you didn’t intend about the way you view the relationship.

So if you haven’t had the talk with the person you’ve been dating and aren’t certain whether it’s quite time to be giving gifts, you’ll feel a bit more at ease after taking a peek at today’s gift guide. We have a foolproof strategy: The key is narrow in on an interest of your crush and then think small. We also encourage small experiential gifts you can enjoy together, such as tickets to a museum exhibit.

Now that you know a bit about our approach, scroll down to check out our affordable yet creative holiday gifts that are sure to impress without feeling overwhelming.

Do they love coffee? Skip the Starbucks gift card and give this scooper instead.

If that special someone enjoys a cold one from time to time, they’ll feel extra cool having this in their kitchen.

If you’re puzzled over which book to gift your beloved bookworm with, try these cool bookends instead!

Does your beau have a dog? Show how much you care with a nice leash!

A sleek gadget that'll make your beau think of you every day. 

You can’t go wrong with a set of minimal leather coasters—you just can’t.

This is a great conversation-starting ornament to add to their Christmas tree.

Late nights at the office strike often? Make the space a little more visually appealing with this paperclip holder.

Hot cocoa for two! Plus your favorite new couple friends. 

Give them another trophy to add to the bookshelf.

A fun, functional gift anyone would be delighted to receive.

See? That wasn’t so hard. Tons of fabulous gift ideas out there.