19 Cozy Holiday Gifts I'd Really Rather Keep for Myself

splendid holiday collection

'Tis the season to be ultra-cozy: I'm talking about a level of coziness that involves exclusively wearing sweaters, sweats, and pajamas for the next few months. That may not be 100% realistic thanks to a couple holiday parties and a New Year's Eve wedding currently on my social calendar, but a girl can dream.

Regardless, I'll be picking up a ton of soft, comfy Splendid pieces ASAP to get my wardrobe in tip-top shape. And assuming that the women in my life are right there with me (hi, Mom!), I'll get major holiday shopping done while I'm at it. So far, I've narrowed my list down to 19 stylish, cozy, and festive pieces I want to gift everyone this year (and maybe gift myself too, but shhh).

These pajamas scream "Christmas morning," but I'll be wearing them from now till spring.

A cozy teddy-bear jacket is a must for staying warm and on trend this winter.

I love this one, too, so I'm gifting it to my sister because that way I can force her to share. 

I love the festive nod the glitter detail offers to an otherwise plain black tee.

What are the holidays without a little plaid?

Faux-suede leggings are like regular leggings (but way chicer).

This piece is named the "Flight Cardigan" for a reason: It's perfect for traveling.

Speaking of traveling, that cardigan is begging to be worn with these jogger-style sweatpants.

This is the exact thing to wear when you want to be just a tad festive without entering metallic territory.

Anything with a little sparkle on it is perfect for holiday gifting.

These polka-dot pajamas couldn't be any cuter.

We always stock up on anything in velvet fabric this time of year.

Get into the spirit of the season with this star-print sweatshirt.

If you're thinking But my West Coast friend doesn't need those fun long pajamas, buy her these instead.

This casual studded dress looks good on everyone.

These velvet pants have "holiday party" written all over them.

Yes, this hoodie is lined with sherpa fabric. Yes, I'm freaking out about it.

In case you were wondering, there's a pair of cozy sweatpants to match.

Here's another ultra-soft sweater my mom, sister, and friends would all love to receive for the holidays.