4 Editors on What They're Gifting (and Hinting for) This Holiday Season

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In case you haven't noticed, Disney's Minnie Mouse has been a major inspiration for us this holiday season—she was, after all, the muse behind our Holiday Issue. The style icon's bold, playful, and classic characteristics have even trickled down to the way we're approaching gift-giving this year. Whether we're shopping for our mom who has classic style, or we're eyeing a pair of shoes for our sister with a bold attitude, there's a touch of Minnie in everything we're doing this season.

Now that the holidays are near, my co-workers and I started chatting about gifting, and as it turns out, we all could use some help in that department. Shopping for those near and dear to our hearts should be fun in theory, but 99.9% of the time, we end up panicking and go for the first candle and fashion-y coffee table book we spot. We vowed to each other that this year, unless the candle is something that is specifically on someone's wish list, we're steering clear. When we came back to compare notes, we noticed something: We have seriously been influenced by Minnie. See what we have on our lists here. 


Ever since fighting the last-minute Christmas Eve shopping crowd a few years ago, I've vowed to never be that person again. I start ordering things for my friends and family as soon as the idea comes to my mind. As for my own wish list? My style is more classic, so I found some perfect pieces I can subtly hint to my boyfriend.


I'm guilty of shopping for gifts last minute, especially for birthdays or holiday occasions. Maybe I'll get it together in 2020, but in the meantime, I was excited when I found gifts that not only work for my playful style but also match some of my friends' personalities, too.



When it comes to holiday shopping, I love to be ahead of the game. I try to take care of all the people I'm gifting first before I focus on myself. That's right, I have no shame in treating myself to something that matches my bold personal style at the end of the year too—it's a reflection of all the hard work I've done.


I don't think I really outgrew my love of the holidays because the minute the clock hits midnight on November 1, I go into full festive mode. This year, my excitement has doubled because of my 7-month-old daughter who will be celebrating her first Christmas with us. But with that being said, I think I deserve a little something special this year for all the literal labor I went through. I have classic style, and the bag I want sitting under the Christmas tree come December 25 fits the bill.

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Nayiri Mampourian
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Nayiri is Who What Wear's senior fashion editor for branded content and based in her hometown, Los Angeles. It all began in 2014 when she landed an internship at the company and never looked back. While she does love writing her fair share of fashion stories, her heart really belongs in the brainstorm room, where she has fun strategizing different ways to create content with our fashion partners so that you engage with the brands you know and love. Her style tends to be more classic (she loves a good black-and-white look with gold accessories), and white pumps are kind of her thing. If she had to pick one person's wardrobe to raid, it would be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's, and she also has a major obsession with interior design. She's a mom to a 1-year-old baby girl named Sophie, and she fully plans on training her to spot fashion trends by the time she's 10. That's all!