15 Holiday Cocktail Dresses to Buy at Every Budget

Why yes, all of those holiday parties you’ve been receiving invites for are just around the corner. We’re headed straight for the heart of the festive holiday season, and if you’re wondering what to wear, know that you can’t go wrong by slipping into a cocktail dress.

Holiday cocktail dresses range from understated to extravagant, but they all have one thing in common. They all feel a little, well, “extra” compared to your ordinary dress for a night out. Whether it’s a slinky satin slip, an ’80s-inspired velvet bustier, a minidress covered in hundreds of glittering sequin, or a piece embellished with dramatic feathers, holiday cocktail dresses all feel a bit more special than what you’d wear for a date night or dinner with friends. Ahead, shop 15 holiday cocktail dresses fit for any party you’re headed to. They’re broken down from most to least expensive, so scroll to the end to shop the most affordable styles.

OVER $1000

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You'll want to wear crystal earrings with this.

This was made for a holiday party.

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I've been waiting to wear this to a holiday party.

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