H&M's New Denim Collection Is Actually Revolutionary

Today, distinguishing between the men’s and women’s departments of a store is a little harder to do than in the past. Even on the high-fashion runways of Gucci and J.W.Anderson, for example, there’s less distinction between what’s considered to be “men’s clothing” and what’s considered to be “women’s.” So it makes sense that a major mass retailer would catch on with a collection that just offers great pieces, no gender identity attached. And this month, it’s specifically H&M’s new Denim United line that’s breaking down borders.

Launching on March 23, the new lineup of styles features a slew of denim trends: straight-leg and wide-leg jeans, button-down tunics, denim jackets, and overalls. And, as demonstrated in the lookbook, these are styles that can be worn and enjoyed by all. “It is very natural for us to launch a unisex collection as fashion is constantly evolving and intersecting," H&M’s spokesperson Marybeth Schmitt said in a press release, adding, "today we see there are no boundaries in democratic style. Fashion should always be inclusive.”

While inclusivity is something we can all agree one, it’s far from a first for H&M. The Swedish brand actually launched a unisex collection back in 2015 in collaboration with Design Award winner Ximon Lee. It also joins fellow fast-fashion brand, Zara, which dropped genderless styles last year.

Below, scroll down to check out the new pieces for men, women, and all other identities, which are available to purchase on March 23 at H&M.

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