This Summery H&M Print Is an Instant Mood Booster

With summer around the corner, we've seen an influx of outfits featuring the traditional hallmarks of the season: vibrant colors, floral prints, and statement silhouettes among them. Each year, as the weather improves, so does the prevalence of looks featuring these classic summery elements and 2020 is no different. In fact, already this season we're seeing plenty of noteworthy outfits that feature all of these statement trends. 

Enter H&M, the affordable brand leading the way with this trend trifecta. H&M has created a number of styles that have already captured the attention of several of our favorite influencers. The brand's green miniature floral print, in particular, has been worn by the likes of London-based Eni Ilori and Danish influencer Mette Sorrig and is certainly a look that can put a smile on your face. The brand has used the print across several different pieces including a dress, blouse, and skirt, all of which also feature intricate, oversize silhouettes. This range certainly has our tick of approval, particularly due to its instant mood-boosting effect. Keep scrolling to see and shop this summery H&M print. 

See how Eni Ilori and Mette Sorrig are styling the print: 


(Image credit: @msorrig)


(Image credit: @eniswardrobe)


(Image credit: @msorrig)


(Image credit: @eniswardrobe)


(Image credit: @msorrig)

Shop the H&M Print:

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