These Are the Most Popular Sneakers in History

When it comes to retro trends, few stand the test of time quite like sneakers. Whether you’re seeking those track-running kicks of the ’70s, the skater styles of the ’90s, or even a platform style from the Spice Girls–inspired early-aughts, most vintage styles are still alive and well in our wardrobes, pulled out with high frequency. We style them with jeans, skirts, slip dresses, and more, mixing trends within a single look, but that doesn’t stop the fact that the sneakers tell a historical story that might stand out from the rest of your vintage-inspired look. There are slip-on and lace-up styles, skimmers and heels, and bright white and colorful rainbows. Sneakers truly know no limits when it comes to style.

Timeless as sneakers might be, that’s not to say that each style doesn’t have a specific tie to a decade of style all its own. From the sporty to the elegant, in all their classic glory, here is the stylish history of sneakers that you should know before shopping for your next pair.

Which decade would you choose?