The "Provocative" Perfume You Haven't Heard of (But Need in Your Life ASAP)


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Looking for a cool-meets-clean perfume that will set you apart from anyone you come into contact with? It's time for you to meet Heretic's line of unique, edgy, and all-natural fragrances.

If its effortless, minimalist-chic perfumes bottles aren't enough to sell you (they happen to look amazing on counters and vanities), then let me provide a quick introduction to one of the best natural fragrance labels on the market. Launched in 2015 by founder, perfumer, and creative director Douglas Little, Heretic Parfum has dared to challenge everything we expect from our fragrances. According to its website, the brand's overarching vision and mission is to "show the provocative side of naturals and the dirty side of clean." 

Read on to learn what it is that makes these fragrances so "dirty" and how this brand has continued to define itself.

Heretic Parfum's Best-Smelling Fragrances


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