The "Provocative" Perfume You Haven't Heard of (But Need in Your Life ASAP)



Looking for a cool-meets-clean perfume that will set you apart from anyone you come into contact with? It's time for you to meet Heretic's line of unique, edgy, and all-natural fragrances.

If its effortless, minimalist-chic perfumes bottles aren't enough to sell you (they happen to look amazing on counters and vanities), then let me provide a quick introduction to one of the best natural fragrance labels on the market. Launched in 2015 by founder, perfumer, and creative director Douglas Little, Heretic Parfum has dared to challenge everything we expect from our fragrances. According to its website, the brand's overarching vision and mission is to "show the provocative side of naturals and the dirty side of clean." 

Read on to learn what it is that makes these fragrances so "dirty" and how this brand has continued to define itself.

Heretic Parfum's Best-Smelling Fragrances

Key notes: Bergamot, lime, verbena, thyme, cedar, and sandalwood

Pairing bold bergamot with the delicate white musk of Ambrettolide, Bergamusk boasts an overall clean and energizing fragrance. Its main notes of bergamot, lemon verbena, and sandalwood are known for their unique ability to bring peace and mental clarity through their cleansing properties.

Key notes: Vanilla, cedar, patchouli, coriander, and vetiver

Here's an eau de parfum that takes vanilla to a whole new level. It's a 100% naturally derived perfume that features a smooth blend of sweet vanilla, spicy coriander, and amber notes to create a sensual and sophisticated experience for its wearer. 



Key notes: Bitter orange, pimento berry, jasmine, linden blossom, and bergamot

Take everything you know about florals and throw it out the window. Heretic Parfum's Florgasm is bright and seductive, with a mix of mysterious jasmine, bright orange blossom, and just a hint of pink pepper for an unexpected kick.

Key notes: Lavender absolute, cedarwood, neroli blossoms, palo santo, and amyris

I stand by the notion that there's a right way and a wrong way to do lavender fragrances. Heretic Parfum has cracked the code on creating an unforgettable fragrance that's grounding and enchanting, with a brilliant blend of lavender, neroli blossoms, and CBD to keep things calm and collected.



Key notes: Coconut, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla absolute, and abrettolide

It's no secret that I tend to shy away from tropical fragrances. Dirty Coconut makes me question everything I think I know and dislike about them. This eau de parfum boasts a unique take on coconut: offering an unforgettable mix of sustainably harvested sandalwood, creamy coconut, and warm vanilla so you can take that much-deserved mental vacay without ever leaving your bed.

Key notes: Atlantic cedar, frankincense, Sichuan pepper, clary sage, and patchouli

Have you ever stepped into a spiritual space and wanted to bottle up the experience and the smell? This smoky and sensual eau de parfum is for you. Reminiscent of a smudge stick, the fragrance celebrates the practice of using ceremonial smoke to chase away bad energy.

Key notes: Hinoki, lemon, nutmeg, fir absolute, wormwood, and balsam

The brand's best-selling eau de parfum, Dirty Hinoki, completely lives up to the social media hype. Dirty Hinoki is altogether earthy and comforting with an enchanting blend of crushed herbs and Japanese woods. With an average of a 4.8-star review rating on Heretic Parfum's official website, it's easy to see why this one has continued to be a crowd favorite.



Key notes: White amber, cedar, jasmine sambac, musk, and vetiver

To me, suede will always be one of those unique fragrances that are perfectly mysterious and sexy. With a blend of earthy balsam, jasmine, and soft amber, this fragrance is anything but boring or already done. Like all Heretic Parfum fragrances, it's also crafted from all-natural ingredients and safe synthetics.

Key notes: Ginger, black pepper, lime, cumin, and patchouli

This gingery perfume is bright, zesty, and spicy, with an energizing combination of citrus, ginger, black pepper, and grounding palo santo. I love this one because it's another unexpected take on a unique fragrance that's beyond mouthwatering.



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