The Next Big Trend Is Already Lurking in Your Parents' Closet

When you're in need of a little outfit inspiration, peeking in your parents' closet may not be what first comes to mind. Yet, dare we say it, we've found ourselves drawn to one very specific item hanging among dad's old blazers and button-downs: the Hawaiian shirt. This bold floral top may have once felt like a cheesy choice relegated to days at the country club. Now, these tops are springing up as a cool choice among trendsetters looking for something summery with a fun twist.

To take the irony out of the tropical top, try pairing with pieces you'd usually wear with a white tee. Style with high-waisted jeans and mules for the weekend, or if you're ready to give it a spin at the office, add a silk skirt and heeled sandals. Either way, we can't deny it, we have a thing for the Hawaiian top and all we can say is "sorry dad, we stole your shirt." 

Read on to shop our favorite of-the-momeHawaiianian shirts!