Everyone Keeps Bringing Up This Trend to Me

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that, at this point, my friends know when to call me out for the "weird" things I wear. Trends are tricky—what might be fun to me makes my closest friends roll their eyes (yes, I'm talking about bucket hats). Lately, Hawaiian shirts seem to be sparking the most conversation—both good and bad. Many of my fellow editors have shared stories about thrifting escapades spent looking for one with the perfect print. But I've also had friends make cracks about me being a Trader Joe's employee (honestly, I'm a big fan, so that's kind of a missed point, but still).

Here's my thought: To take the irony out of the tropical top, try pairing it with pieces you'd usually wear with a white tee. Style it with high-waisted jeans and mules for the weekend or if you're ready to give it a spin at the office, add a silk skirt and heeled sandals. It's not necessarily the most polished of pieces, but summer isn't the season for serious or stuffy dressing anyway. Read on for a few ways to style a Hawaiian shirt and shop your favorite style to give it a spin.

For a cool off-duty look, try one button only and pair with your favorite relaxed jeans.

Tackle two trends at once and add a belt bag to your ensemble.

Available in sizes XS to S.

Available in sizes 38 to 40. 

Knot your top at the waist for a cool, summery twist.

Available in sizes XS to M. 

Try styling a coordinated look head to toe. 

Available in sizes X to 4X. 

Available in sizes XS to L.

It's the summer trend that's begging to be paired with a frozen drink.

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