15 Chic Hawaiian Shirt Outfits

When it comes to recent throwback trends, first it was chunky sneakers, and then it was Bermuda shorts, and now to complete the trifecta are none other than tropical shirts. Yes, if the aforementioned are styled together, you might just coordinate perfectly with your parents. On vacation. In the '90s. While there's nothing wrong with this look, if you happen to be fashion-savvy, then you already know this currently ubiquitous trend has so many more possibilities too.

To see what we're talking about, scroll on ahead to find that Hawaiian shirt outfits can live beyond the usual tourist traps. Whether you're strolling the city or actually have your feet dipped in the sand, this summer print is one to include in your wardrobe ASAP. Simply bring out your denim skirts, linen trousers, or even your sweatpants and get creative.

Shocked no more.