How Hailey Bieber Makes Sweatpants and Sneakers Look Chic: A Saga

Sweatpants and sneakers? Chic? I know, on paper the combo sounds a lot like my lazy Sunday afternoon "I'm not leaving the couch today" outfit (i.e., not chic), but if there's one person who can turn the combo into a bona fide street style moment, it's our dear friend Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin). She's proven over and over again to be the sneaker-wearing icon we all need.

Bieber wears sweatpants with sneakers so often, really, that she's perfected the off-duty uniform. Whether she's experimenting with bright color or cool layering ideas, her comfy outfits never fail to blow our minds with their impossible chicness. Her most recent look—a coordinating lemony yellow ensemble with white sneaker boots—is what prompted us to give her the credit she deserves for nailing this outfit combo whenever she wears it (which is to say all the time).

Keep reading to study how Hailey Bieber makes sneakers and sweatpants look unfairly good, and then shop her pieces.

Hailey Baldwin in sweats and sneakers



Hailey Bieber in sweats and sneakers



Hailey and Justin Bieber in sweats



Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber



Shop her combo:

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