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Hailee Steinfeld is known for many things. She's known for being a talented actress (she was nominated for an Academy Award when she was 14 years old for her performance in True Grit), and she's known for being an equally-as-talented singer. (I can always count on her song "Starving" to pop up when I shuffle my playlist.) The latest role she's stepping into is a little different. It's a brand ambassadorship for Core Hydration. As she isn't shy about sharing her love for self-care and fitness on social media, this is a natural next step for Steinfeld. 

We caught up with the multi-hyphenate singer-actress-ambassador to talk about all things wellness and beauty (because, yes, those two things can be inextricably linked). For the ways in which she fits movement into her busy schedule and the one skincare product that she calls "completely underrated," keep scrolling to get an inside look into Steinfeld's routine, and shop some of her favorite products along the way.


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You're an ambassador for Core Hydration. Can you tell me why that was a fit for you?

There was such an alignment with what both Core Hydration and I stand for. Wellness is a huge part of my life, and I only prioritize it more and more and more as I get older. Within the last few years, I've been realizing the importance of taking care of yourself and understanding that balance really is key to all aspects of life. Staying hydrated is something I have put on every to-do list, reminder, and vision board. … It's a thing I'm constantly reminding myself to do more of. This partnership has served as the perfect reminder to do so for me but also to continue to let people know it makes all the difference in your mental well-being and your physical well-being. On top of that, Core Hydration just happens to be my favorite water, so again, it's a perfect fit.

I feel like everyone could use a reminder to hydrate more often. There are three new Core Hydration+ waters, including Immunity, Vibrance, and Calm. Do you have a favorite? 

Honestly, picking a favorite anything for me is like picking a favorite child. I will say I love them all for their own benefits. After a long day, Calm is part of my wind-down nightly routine. I focus on shutting everything off and turning inward a little bit and reflecting on the day and whatever I have coming up and just taking a moment for myself. 

I think Immunity is middle of the day, on the go. I'm constantly on the go. Again, it always feels good to stay hydrated. I feel like I can tell when I'm not hydrated. My body has multiple ways of telling me and reminding me, and they're not very nice reminders. But with Immunity, I'm doing something great for myself, and on top of it all, I'm getting that little extra boost because of what it is and what it's serving.

Vibrance might, dare I say, be the current favorite. I'm always focused on maintaining haircare and nailcare. I just started coloring my hair, so I'm all about anything I can do to keep it healthy—my skin, too, of course. They all have these really beautiful hints of flavor that are so yummy, so light, and not overwhelming in any way. They don't have any of those sweeteners or ingredients you don't want in your water.


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Could you give me some insight into your daily self-care routine? Are there any habits or routines you swear by?

Yes and no as far as things I swear by. I have things that I love. I also feel like with my schedule constantly changing and being in different places all the time, to call it a routine is tough because it's ever-changing and evolving. My daily self-care actions consist of … a lot of Core Hydration and working out.

I love working out, even if it's just 15 minutes, going for a walk, or spending time outdoors. I have two dogs that I love, and if it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't spend as much time as I do outside, especially at the start of a busy day or at the end of a long one. I try to focus on eating good meals, and I lean into wherever I am, seeing what that place has to offer and what I can take advantage of for a little self-care moment. 

Speaking of self-care moments, are there any wellness products you swear by, anything you travel with or use when you're on the go?

Okay, so it's not new—I'm just really late to come around to it—but an ice facial roller. Maybe I'm just late to the game, but they're completely underrated. Maybe they're all the rage, and I've just been living under a rock. On days that I wake up a little bit puffy, it's incredible. Even when I don't, it's so refreshing, and … it just does something. That's been the go-to every morning.


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Same! It revives me in the morning, which is nice. I would love to know if you have any other beauty products that you consider to be a must-have for pre- or post-workout. 

As far as pre-workout goes, I like to keep my skin pretty bare. If anything, [I use] a really light moisturizer and a good lip balm. I've been obsessively using Mara's Sea Silk Lip Balm ($26). Post-workout, I tend to wash my face immediately, and if I can't, I love a little rose-water mist. Again, it's super refreshing and light. I don't like to have too much on my skin … until I'm in the clear and we're all cleaned up and everything.

Do you have a favorite cleanser and moisturizer right now?

La Mer has this Soft Cream ($200) that I love, and it's totally buildable, so I feel like I can keep it really light or go a little extra. I love to do a little extra under my makeup to make sure my skin is super hydrated. For cleanser, there's one I've been using forever from my dermatologist. It's not that exciting. [Laughs] 

Let's say you just finished a workout and have five minutes to get ready and put on makeup. Which makeup products are you reaching for, and why?

Ooh, concealer. Duh. I go straight under my eyes with it because that's the first little area we gotta cover up, and then I can use it all over my face as a really light foundation. Then I'll go with a blush. My go-to favorite blush right now is Patrick Ta Beauty. Then some mascara and a light, light cream highlight maybe as a little extra touch on my way out, because why not?

Easy-peasy. Do you have a favorite mascara?

I've been using this Honest Beauty mascara. I highly recommend it. It's really good.


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If you had to name your top self-care and/or wellness tip, what would it be?

Oh, my word—my favorite one? I feel this is so relative to the person and their schedule and how much or how little they desire, but working out. I've come to realize that it serves me mentally more than anything. Staying active keeps me sane. I love challenging my body, and I love proving to myself that I'm capable of being in control of feeling great.

Working out isn't particularly the first thing I'd like to do every morning when I wake up, but I cannot even begin to describe how I feel afterward. Again, that could be after a 15-minute little… whatever it is. I always, always, always feel better afterward, and if I could encourage anybody to just move their body… That could be dancing. That could be yoga. That be Pilates. That could running. Whatever it is for you, get out there and feel good about yourself.

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