I Just Put This Viral Thickening Hair Mask to the Test, and I Have Thoughts

I'll be the first to admit that I've always been blessed with a lot of hair. Growing up, I found it hard to deal with my thick, curly ends, but as I got older and learnt how to properly care for and style my hair, I quickly came to appreciate its natural texture. That being said, after many teenage years spent bleaching and straightening my locks, they are definitely not as healthy as they once were. In fact, lately I've found it hard to grow my hair past a certain length, and I've found that my ends are looking really dry and my roots are not feeling as strong and thick as they used to. 

Here at Who What Wear UK, I had noticed a lot of readers opting for the Grow Gorgeous hair mask to help with their hair struggles, so I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about, and whether it could help with my specific concerns. After doing some research, I learnt that the mask is designed to tackle thin, flat and weak strands, and help make your hair appear thicker.

The product itself is enriched with caffeine, biotin and niacinamide. These clever ingredients help to stimulate the roots, while shea butter and coconut oil condition the ends. It also contains keratin to improve strength, and pea peptides to help with body and volume. 


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Although my hair looks thick, it has become a lot dryer and more damaged, and I am struggling to regain the thickness and length that it had before bleaching. 

However, what really intrigued me about this mask is that it isn't just designed to be applied on the ends of your hair, but your roots too. I won't lie, at first the thought of putting a thick hair mask on my roots kind of scared me, and had me worrying that it would leave my hair feeling and looking greasy. That being said, I was really keen to find a mask that helped the overall health of my hair, from the scalp to the ends, so I decided to give it a go. Keep on scrolling for my honest review... 

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask Review

On first look, I really liked the hair mask's packaging. It wasn't too chunky which makes it a little easier to travel with, but it looked chic in my bathroom thanks to the gold and brown tones. The mask itself had quite a thick, butter-like texture, and smelt really luxurious and fresh. All in all, we were off to a good start. 


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When it came to using the mask, I made sure to follow the exact instructions on the tub. The brand said to apply the mask to damp hair after shampooing, and massage the product onto your scalp before smoothing it through the lengths. Then, leave it for ten minutes before rinsing it out. The ten minute bit through me off a bit, as I usually leave my masks in for around 2-3 mins, but seeing as I'd only be using it once or twice a week, I didn't mind leaving it in for a bit longer.


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Once I'd rinsed it out, I went to blowdry my hair straight away as I was so intrigued to see if my scalp would be greasy. To my amazement, my roots were silky soft, and there was no product residue in sight. In fact, all of my hair felt super soft, and I noticed it was a lot smoother and shinier when blow drying. 

In terms of thickness, I definitely felt like my hair looked more full, but I think I would need to use it for a while to start to see actual differences in the thickness and length. That being said, if I'm this impressed after one go, then I'm really excited to see the long-term results.


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My hair after using the Grow Gorgeous hair mask.

My one bit of advice when using this mask is to not apply too much to the hair. Because it is a little thicker in texture, I do think that it could weigh thin or fine hair types down if you apply too much. However, apart from that, I highly recommend giving it a go. Also, for just £25 you get a lot of product, and the fact that you only have to use a little bit means that it should last you a long time.

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