973 Reviews Later, We Finally Found the Most Effective Shampoos for Hair Growth

Best Shampoos for Hair Growth



Hair loss is incredibly common and very frustrating. It's incredibly tricky to deal with. First of all, a certain degree of daily shedding is normal. Most professionals say losing anywhere between 50 and 150 strands per day is normal. But anything more than that could signal an underlying issue. Stress, nutritional imbalances, unsafe vitamin supplementation, the natural aging process, undiagnosed disease, and, heck, even your ponytail habit can cause thinning or significant hair loss. So if you feel like you've been noticing more daily shedding than normal, it's important to see a doctor (a dermatologist is a good place to start!) for a full evaluation. They'll be able to accurately assess what's causing your hair loss and help you come up with a treatment plan. 

Despite what the beauty and wellness industries would like you to think, halting hair loss or beefing up your current mane is rarely as simple as swapping out your shampoo and conditioner or popping horse-size biotin pills. Hair health is an extension of our overall health, which is why it's important to look at the whole picture. That said, certain shampoos and conditioners (and supplements) can be more strategic than others when it comes to hair growth, and while they might not cause thinning strands to do a complete 180, many high-quality formulas can set your scalp and existing locks up for success by clearing clogged follicles, boosting microcirculation, refortifying breakage-prone strands, and more.

Again, we recommend talking to a doctor before trying any new supplements or giving your haircare routine a complete overhaul, but to lend a helping hand, we searched the internet to find the best-reviewed shampoos and conditioners for hair growth money can buy. Below are 11 top-rated shampoo-and-conditioning duos to help nurture your scalp and hair health. Keep scrolling! 

1. Carol's Daughter Goddess Strength Fortifying Shampoo & Conditioner With Castor Oil

Rating: 4.7/5 stars, 1,928 reviews on Amazon

True to its name, this shampoo-and-conditioner duo from Carol's Daughter is strategically fortified with hero ingredients like castor oil, black-seed oil, and ginger to deliver impressive results for hair growth. According to the brand, strands are left 15 times stronger after just one use, and you'll experience less breakage, promoting longer, healthier hair now and later.  

Starring Review: "I don't usually write reviews, but this product has been amazing for me. I hadn't even finished my first bottle when I purchased another for backup! I recently made the decision to transition from relaxed hair to natural again, and this product (in combination with healthy lifestyle choices, a good wash routine, and a few supplements) has greatly impacted the way my hair has grown, and I've been using this product consistently for about a month now. It's less frizzy, it has a lot of shine, and it is growing out quickly. There's also less breakage, and the color of my hair looks deeper and richer."

2. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength & Restore Shampoo & Conditioner

Rating: 4.5/stars, 12,506 reviews on Amazon

There are a couple of factors at play here that make this restorative duo from SheaMoisture a great option for anyone seeking healthier, growth-happy hair. Not only does this elixir hydrate and clarify thirsty scalps and strands (which is imperative for encouraging healthy hair growth), but it also boasts strand-strengthening black castor oil, shea butter for hydration and reduced hair shedding, and peppermint oil for tingly scalp renewal. 

Starring Review: "This shampoo and conditioner may be the only formulas I use for the rest of my life. I have coarse hair that I'm trying to grow out, and up until now, I haven't been able to find anything that doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and brittle or too greasy and limp. This stuff is fantastic and leaves my hair feeling soft even when it's wet."

3. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Clinical Densifying Shampoo & Multiplying Volume Conditioner

Rating: 4.2/5 stars, 499 reviews on Amazon

Although this top-rated hair-growth shampoo from Alterna doesn't have a matching conditioner, we recommend pairing it with the brand's Multiplying Volume Conditioner. The Marine Plumping Complex, which includes omega-3 and signature Seasilk, in the conditioner enhances thickness and helps reduce breakage, benefits that further support the Densifying Shampoo's exfoliating perks and ability to reduce DHT (a top contributor to hair loss) on the scalp.

Starring Review: "I am a college student who has had thinning hair for a few years now. I apply this once every day when my hair is damp (after a shower) and massage it in well to my scalp. The pictures I've included say it all. After three months, my scalp is showing less. It feels so much fuller now!"

4. Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cell Age Defying Shampoo & Conditioner

Rating: 4.2/5 stars, 1,259 reviews on Amazon

My 73-year-old mom is a huge fan of this shampoo and conditioner for hair growth, as she's noticed an increase in thinning and hair loss as she's gotten older. Not only is this shampoo-and-conditioning formula affordable and natural, but it's also super potent. It simultaneously removes toxic buildup and clears clogged hair follicles to make way for healthy new hair, and it helps calm inflammation and bacteria that can exacerbate hair loss and thinning. Plus, thanks to PhytoCellTec argan stem cells and nourishing argan oil, you're left with more shine and volume to boot.

Starring Review: "My hair has never bounced back after chemo treatments five years ago. The top was thinning, and even with a short cut, my bangs weren't growing in length, staying the same for months and months. I have switched to sulfate-free products and tried shampoo after shampoo. After using one bottle of this shampoo and adding in the conditioner, I can see a definite difference. My hair is thicker, my bangs are growing, and I don't have to add a microfiller to the top. I highly recommend."

5. Pure Biology Revivahair Shampoo & Conditioner

Rating: 4.3/5 stars, 2,158 reviews on Amazon

We're pleased to introduce you to one of the best-selling (and, apparently, most effective) duos for hair growth on Amazon. It's hard to argue with the above numbers (and the below testimony), but we're not surprised with this shampoo and conditioner's efficacy thanks to their roster of winning ingredients such as biotin, keratin, coconut oil, vitamin B, vitamin E, DHT blockers, and more.

Starring Review: "I was very skeptical about this shampoo and the claims it made. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the effect it has had on my hair. First, it makes my hair soft but doesn't weigh it down. I like the smell, which is subtle but clean. I have tried many different shampoos that claim to help with hair growth, but this is, honestly, the first one where I've seen new growth in areas my hair has been thinning over the last few years. This takes time, however, and you have to be patient, but it is worth it!"

6. Keranique Volumizing Scalp Stimulating Shampoo & Keratin Conditioner

Rating: 4.8/5 stars, 135 reviews on Walmart

Keranique is known as one of the best brands for hair growth–promoting products within the beauty biz, and this is largely because the company knows that thinning hair prone to hair loss can't depend on any old shampoo and conditioner. This particular formula relies on efficacious heavy hitters like keratin and provitamin B5 to gently yet thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp and make way for stimulated hair growth.

Starring Review: "I love this conditioner, and it works best with the shampoo. I can tell my hair is thicker now. I would highly recommend it for thinning hair."

7. Phyto Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo & Phytokératine Extrême Exceptional Mask

Rating: 4.3/5 stars, 383 reviews on Amazon

With each and every use, this shampoo (and strategic mask add-on) will encourage stronger, healthier, and fuller hair. The unique blend of botanical ingredients encourages essential keratin production to promote thickness, and it kicks scalp circulation into overdrive.

Starring Review: "I bought this product because my hair was falling out due to menopause. My brush would be full of hair after just one brushstroke. After reading the reviews, I bought this product and began using it twice a week. After about a month, I could tell a difference, and my hair was not falling out like before. Now, it's been about three months since I began using the product, and my ponytail is feeling thicker. Definitely worth the money."

8. Klorane Shampoo & Conditioner With Quinine and B Vitamins for Thinning Hair

Rating: 4.3/5 stars, 771 reviews on Amazon

If you're looking for one of the best shampoo and conditioning formulas for hair growth (and have a flair for covetable French beauty picks), this combination was made for you. Quinine and nourishing B vitamins work in harmony to stimulate hair growth while thickening and strengthening the hair that's already on your head. 

Starring Review: "I first bought this shampoo and cream rinse in Italy. I loved it so much that I found it on Amazon, and I cannot live without it now. It's great, and it makes your hair feel soft and full. I have thyroid issues and have lost a lot of hair. This helps."

9. Viviscal Densifying Shampoo & Conditioner

Rating: 4.4/5 stars, 6,255 reviews on Amazon

If you didn't know Viviscal's best-selling hair supplements had a well-rated shampoo-and-conditioner counterpart, consider yourself introduced! The formulas share a similar ingredient strategy thanks to a dynamic trio of biotin, keratin, and zinc.

Starring Review: "I have Graves' disease and lost a lot of hair before being diagnosed. I've tried many different products that provided false promises. I can literally see small hairs coming in, and this shampoo, conditioner, and serum provide enough volume so that it looks like I have three times the amount of hair that I actually do."

10. Rene Furterer Triphasic Stimulating Shampoo & Texturizing Detangling Conditioner

Rating: 4.3/5 stars, 338 reviews on Amazon

Specifically designed for those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, this French favorite increases hair strength, growth potential, resilience, as well as other factors that can exacerbate shedding. ATP, pfaffia extract, and encapsulated essential oils make up the MVP ingredient lineup.

Starring Review: "My hair falls out from hypothyroidism. This shampoo has helped my hair loss. My only con is that it's expensive, and the packaging is pretty small."

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