Here's What to Wear to a Graduation Party

Graduating from college or high school is no easy feat, making it a milestone worth celebrating with friends and family. And when you have a graduate in your life, more likely than not, you’ll be invited to the festivities that follow. Whether you only have a handful to attend or just one, you’ll want to be ready at a moment’s notice with a number of graduation party outfits for any setting.

Of course, dressing for a graduation party, like most celebratory occasions, is easier said than done. And depending on the setting of the parties you’re heading to, you’ll want to make sure your ensemble is appropriate for everything from a garden party to a casual backyard barbecue.

To help you get an idea of what to wear to the graduation parties in your calendar, take a cue from some of our favorite fashion girls who have nailed looks that’ll have you looking fresh for summer and in the mood to mingle with the other partygoers. From floral dresses to wide-leg pants, you’ll be making the party circuit in style.

Now before you head to the party, grab a gift any graduate will love.