Going-Out Tops From the 2000s vs. Now

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The year was 2003, and a show called The O.C. had taken pop culture by storm. While the (insane) drama that unfolded in Orange County was the thing that initially reeled me in, I was also in awe of all the aspirational fashion on display. Sure, looking back, not all of the style moments are great, but I still have the white Chanel dress Marissa Cooper wore to prom seared in my mind.

In fact, I recently found myself reflecting on how closely I tie one of the biggest ’00s trends directly to the show. I’m talking, of course, about going-out tops. Less a specific trend than an overall idea, going-out tops were what we all wore on the weekends while going out with friends in the mid- to early aughts, and they ranged from lingerie-style numbers to bustiers to DIY’ed options made from bandanas (yep, that was a thing).

I can’t tell you exactly when the reign of the going-out top came to an end, but until now, I was grateful we had forgotten all about them. But hot on the heels of the ’90s style revival, ’00s trends are making a return—yes, even going-out tops (although this time around, the styling feels a bit more subdued). Ahead, shop the 2018 versions of ’00s going-out tops.

Tube Tops

As Lucy Williams notes in her photo, tube tops feel very Carrie Bradshaw circa Sex and the City Season 4. Here's how to style them the 2018 way.


Celebs like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have hopped back on the chainmail bandwagon. Remember when Paris Hilton wore a dress version for her 21st birthday?



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Lingerie top

In the ’00s, a lingerie top and jeans was a pretty standard going-out look. We're seeing a return to the pairing in 2018.

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