Going-Out Tops From the 2000s vs. Now


Rex Features

The year was 2003, and a show called The O.C. had taken pop culture by storm. While the (insane) drama that unfolded in Orange County was the thing that initially reeled me in, I was also in awe of all the aspirational fashion on display. Sure, looking back, not all of the style moments are great, but I still have the white Chanel dress Marissa Cooper wore to prom seared in my mind.

In fact, I recently found myself reflecting on how closely I tie one of the biggest ’00s trends directly to the show. I’m talking, of course, about going-out tops. Less a specific trend than an overall idea, going-out tops were what we all wore on the weekends while going out with friends in the mid- to early aughts, and they ranged from lingerie-style numbers to bustiers to DIY’ed options made from bandanas (yep, that was a thing).

I can’t tell you exactly when the reign of the going-out top came to an end, but until now, I was grateful we had forgotten all about them. But hot on the heels of the ’90s style revival, ’00s trends are making a return—yes, even going-out tops (although this time around, the styling feels a bit more subdued). Ahead, shop the 2018 versions of ’00s going-out tops.