7 Editors Tried Glossier's Eye Shadow Launch—and the Results Are Unanimous

Glossier Skywash Review


Courtesy of Glossier

This year has already been a fruitful one for beauty. From a potent resurfacing serum to two game-changing toners and so many other new hair, skincare, and makeup offerings, beauty brands have hit the ground running with buzzy product launches that have shifted our beauty routines for the better.

Last year gave us game-changing Glossier newness like this editor's new go-to liquid eyeliner, Pro Tip ($16), and oil serum Futuredew ($24). This year, Glossier officially launched a new makeup product: a brand-new sheer lid tint called Skywash.

So what exactly is Skywash, you ask? It's a longwear, smudge-proof, liquid-to-powder eye shadow with a similar consistency to liquid lipstick but for your eyelids. The result is a soft, diffused wash of color fit for the makeup lover who prefers a less-is-more look. According to the brand, the formula is ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested and can stay put for a whopping 12 hours. Skywash is currently available in seven Southwest-inspired shades: lawn, a fresh green; pool, a cornflower blue; pebble, a neutral taupe; valley, a warm peach; terra, a burnt sienna; echo, a cocoa brown; and palm, a golden beige. You can snag one for $18 or duos for $30 at Glossier.com.

At this point, we wouldn't expect anything less than innovation from Glossier, and we can personally attest to the fact that that this not your average eye shadow. Ahead, find out everything you need to know about the drop, and then keep scrolling for firsthand reviews from seven makeup lovers here at Who What Wear HQ who tested each and every shade to help you decide which one (or two or three) to cop for yourself.

The Nitty-Gritty

What's in it:
Glossier Skywash Review: What's in it?


Courtesy of Glossier

Skywash is gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, meaning those with sensitive skin can get in on the action, too. Ingredients to note include Novatol, a naturally sourced antioxidant vitamin E, and Glossier's proprietary Softlock technology, which is a special coating on each pigment that locks the product to our lids, so it can stay popping and creaseless for 12 hours.

Glossier Skywash Liquid Eyeshadow Review


Courtesy of Glossier
How to use:
Glossier Skywash Review: How to use it


Courtesy of Glossier

Per the brand's instruction, Skywash application is pretty simple. It says you should just sweep the doe-foot applicator across your eyelid, and then tap with your finger to blend out the pigment for a sheer finish. Easy enough!

Glossier Skywash Review: The shades


Courtesy of Glossier

Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor

Glossier Skywash Review: Lawn



Shade: Lawn

I'm not really an eye shadow person. There, I said it. I know that as a beauty editor, it's probably kind of strange for me to cop to this shortfall, but the fact is that I'm utterly lacking in application skills and rarely have enough time to commit to the process anyway. That said, liquid eye shadows have been a godsend in that they're easy to use and offer great results with minimal effort. When I got word that Glossier would be launching its own version of an easier-to-apply take on this intimidating eye product, I was instantly intrigued. My daily eye makeup regimen is already stacked with Glossier (I can't go five minutes without professing my love for Pro Tip and Lash Slick), so I was hopeful that its latest release would wow me too.

Of all the unique color choices available for Skywash, I reached for the aptly named slime-green hue, Lawn. It seemed like a fun departure from my typical nude-or-no eye shadow preference, and I wanted to really test this product's color payoff since primary colors like this from most brands barely show up on my brown skin. At first swipe, I was immediately impressed by how much soft green pigment was imparted onto my eyes. Not only could I see the color, but it was super vibrant. Even application is a little trickier than swipe-and-go since the formula dries down pretty quickly, and once it does, it really doesn't budge. I found that dispensing a little puddle onto the back of my hand and applying the color with my ring finger rather than fumbling with the tiny doe-foot applicator made it a lot easier for me to execute clean, solid layers of color. I'm going to keep practicing, but overall I'm pleased with the outcome and looking forward to introducing more color into my eye makeup regimen this season.

Erin Jahns, Beauty Editor

Glossier Skywash Review: Valley



Shade: Valley

As someone who prefers liquid eye shadow formulas to powder, I was super pumped to find out about Glossier's first launch of 2020, Skywash. That said, my favorite cream and liquid eye shadows are always shimmery and sparkly, so I was unsure about the "sheer, matte" description. I'm usually drawn to neutral, warm colors on my eyes, so I chose the color Valley, which the brand describes as a warm peach. The consistency is ultra lightweight and silky, and after applying it two different ways—directly onto my lid and tapping and applying to my hand, taking some onto my finger, and tapping—I found the latter method much more successful for the level of control and pigment I was going for. You definitely have to play around with this product on your lid, and it's not as easy to spread and diffuse as some other liquid shadow formulas I've tried, but after some tinkering (and adding some glitter to top it off—whoops, semi-cheated), I was really happy with the result.

Caitie Schlisserman, Managing Editor, Branded Content

Glossier Skywash Review: Terra



Shade: Terra

I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my makeup, but I do love adding a quick swipe of color to my lids. I almost always stick to eye pencils (NudeStix for life!) because shadows are harder for me to use, and I like things to be quick and easy. So, yeah, I was a little nervous to try out these liquid eye shadows, mostly because I thought the whole thing would be messy and a little much to paint my lids with. But man, I was wrong. Terra, the color I tried, is way more intimidating in the tube than when applied. I started with a little on the applicator, dabbed it across my lid, and tapped my ring finger to blend it in. The wash of color was very subtle, so I decided to do another coat and was surprised by how easy it was to build upon since it’s a matte finish. But the formula went on just as smoothly, and it didn’t crack at all—even after three layers! And I love the sort of eye look that feels a little undone, far from perfect, but still nice-looking, and this gave me all of that. I’m sold. 

Kelly Morris, Graphic Designer

Shade: Pool

Overall, this is pretty much exactly what you would expect a Glossier eye shadow launch to be like—very user-friendly and even subtler. First thought was that the color is pretty and on-trend for this spring and summer. As far as blue eye shadows go, it’s a very approachable shade. I have a hard time imagining it would look bad on anyone regardless of skin tone or skill level. I put it directly on my eyelid and then used a finger to blend the edges. It did so quickly and easily. It doesn’t take too long to set (or too quickly), and once it does it’s smudge-proof. As someone with oily eyelids, this is a big plus. The finish is extremely matte. It reminds me of using a matte liquid lipstick, which is good as far as staying power but definitely accentuates any dryness or fine lines. Color payoff is quite sheer. Unless you’re up close, it’s a barely there eye look. Unfortunately, you can’t build up the color at all. When I tried to add another layer, it became patchy and just removed the first layer. I dabbed a bit of a shimmery Colourpop shadow on top without a problem. I even tried adding an eye gloss too and that looked gorgeous.

I’m a little confused as to the idea of the product as a whole, though. A matte liquid eyeshadow feels out of left field in the current range of Glossier products, particularly with dewy/glossy everything still being a dominating trend. It’s not quite for me because if I were to wear a blue eye shadow, I would want to make it a statement eye, which this product can’t do. But for someone who wants to try out the trend in an easy, quick, effortless way, it ticks all of those boxes.

Natalia Sztyk, Graphic Designer

Glossier Skywash Review: Pebble



Shade: Pebble

Glossier is always giving me that I just spent three days off at the beach, and I now have this dewy radiant glow look. However, its newest eye product is not that! I was surprised by the cream-to-powder eye shadow that dried instantly after application. The formula itself is very light, and trying to layer on the color was next to impossible, but the subtle pinkish-purple hue transported me back to my carefree middle school days. I love that it’s a shadow that will not budge and will last all day and night. Overall, it’s not my favorite Glossier product since I personally am into more of a glow. For me, this is better as a primer, where I can add in some shimmer and make it look less matte. But if you're into a subtle, matte, touch of color that you don't have to worry about smearing or fading, I definitely recommend this product.

Cassandra Ahwah, Marketing Associate, Consumer Brands

Shade: Palm

I love this liquid shadow! It’s the perfect barely there look to feel put-together for the day. The shadow is super easy to apply. The product glides right onto your eyelid with an almost lipgloss-like brush. It felt smooth and airy. I did have to get used to how fast the shadow dried so it didn’t end up looking splotchy, but it totally dried smooth. I was a little worried the tan color wouldn’t make a big difference on my skin tone, but I love how it looks! This will def become part of my natural everyday makeup routine.

Kia Topps, People & Talent Coordinator

Glossier Skywash Review: Echo



Shade: Echo

This eye shadow was super easy to apply. Glossier definitely gets brownie points from me because I generally go to work bare-faced due to lack of time that I have to get ready, but this took only two minutes to apply. I applied most of it with my finger! It stayed on for the whole day without me having to apply primer, which is amazing. The color is very subtle, which I love because I hardly ever wear eye shadow. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the liquid eye shadow at first, but it gave me and my outfit a boost of confidence for the day without having a full face of makeup. I would definitely add this to my daily beauty routine.

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