I Just Tried Givenchy's Trending Foundation—Here Is What I Really Thought

When scrolling on TikTok, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending recommendations of supposedly life-changing beauty products. 

As a beauty editor, I find that due to the liberal use of filters paired with great angles across the platform, when I stumble across these viral products, the phrase too good to be true often springs to mind. This is especially true when it comes to TikTok-friendly foundations. It’s not to say that these foundations are not fantastic in terms of wear time, dewiness and coverage but rather that they often fall short in one category, and that’s undertone. 


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Wearing a neutral foundation

In general, I tend to stick to neutral and cool-toned foundations because, in my experience, no matter the coverage, foundations generally fit under two umbrellas. Those with cool tones will effortlessly slot into my makeup bag (yay!), but those that come with an undertone formulation will make me look way too red. 

Despite my scepticism over viral foundations, while scrolling TikTok a few weeks ago, I came across a video (that was not a review, might I add) of Whitney Madueke applying the Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation (£45), and I was immediately hooked. My first thought? Wow, that colour match is seamless.

Alongside the perfect shade match, the foundation instantly brightened the under-eye area and made the skin look pore-less. I had to try it.

Scroll down to discover my honest thoughts on the viral sensation, as well as before and after pictures that speak volumes! 


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

Before using Givenchy's Prisme Libre:


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

Before using Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation

For me, a great foundation has to be buildable. This means medium to light coverage that isn’t patchy. I like to use just one pump of foundation for the day and three pumps for full, night-out-ready coverage. I also love dewy makeup, but even with powder, this often means significant creasing over my laugh lines and under my eyes. So in order for this foundation to become part of my rotation, I needed it to fit the above bill.

After using Givenchy's Prisme Libre Foundation:


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

Wearing only Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation

To prep my skin after skincare, I used a drop of Wild Source Miracle Oil (£52) mixed with two pumps of the Too Faced Major Hangover Primer (£30) and the Givenchy Beauty Le Soin Noir Eye cream (£160).

I then added two dots of Givenchy Prime Concealer (£37) in shades w420 and n480 in order to smooth out my under-eyes and add some brightness to the area. 


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

The finished look using Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation

To apply the viral foundation (I use shade n480), I used my Zoeva 125 stippling brush (£19), taking the foundation from the back of my hand and applying it to my cheeks and forehead. After successfully blending the foundation into my skin, I set the look with my Nanshy Powder brush (£12) and three puffs of Givenchy’s Prisme libre in shade flanelle epicee (£45). To finish the look I ended with my usual bronze, highlight and blush routine before setting it all with a setting spray. However, I did switch out my go-to crème blush for the Givenchy Prisme Libre blush in Flannelle Rubis (£42).

As you can see, the foundation had a brightening effect, which was exactly what I wanted. It did a solid job at brightening my dark circles, but I did feel like you could see the texture around my mouth a little more noticeably.


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

The finished look using Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation

After wearing Givenchy's Prisme Libre Foundation for 10 hours:


(Image credit: @ataowaji for Who What Wear)

After wearing the foundation out all day and into the night, including adding a slightly glittery eye and extra powder about six hours in, I was totally sold. When initially testing the foundation, I was looking to see if it would hold up against daily wear and creasing. After 10 hours of wear, aside from some movement thanks to oil, the foundation remained seamless, blended and semi-matte all day. Consider me a convert. 

Shop the Givenchy Prisme Libre Foundation:

This foundation comes in 35 shades, from deep to fair, and held up wonderfully to its promise of a skincare-infused, even look. Due to the formulations, some of the highlighted areas on my face did appear duller than when first applied, but no more than any other satin or "skin-like” foundations I’ve tried previously.  

Although on the more luxury end of foundation options on the market right now, this one is worth it for anyone looking for a dewy option that will stay put all day and into the evening, too.

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