The Home, Beauty, and Lifestyle Pieces I'm Buying in the Name of Spring Cleaning

Spring just started, which means it's time for my annual deep clean, but I'm not just talking about scrubbing down cabinets and deep-closet corners. I want to give everything in my life a sprucing up, especially since I spent an entire year in basically one 900-square-foot space. Such a big overhaul is going to add up, so I want to make use of the best deals to get it all done. Gilt City is always a great resource for expert-curated brands at insider-level discounts. I've got my eye on a fancy air purifier at half price, an unbelievable deal on sheets that would majorly upgrade my current sleeping situation, and a bounty of beauty and wellness products that will get me feeling fresh and clean for the warm months ahead. And since the longer days call for taking advantage of that 5 o'clock sunshine, I sourced some fun beverage options as well. After all that cleaning, I'm going to need to relax right? Keep scrolling for my spring-cleaning essentials.

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