I Describe My Style as Fun Yet Wearable—These Shoe Trends Hit It for Me

Pink Pants Outfit



They say fairytales can leave a lasting impression on kids. For me, it was Cinderella. Here was this poor girl who hustled away. Her only friends the literal rodents in her house. She finally gets an invite to the hottest soirée in town, gets all dolled up, and then LOSES her incredible heels (borrowed, no less) after only one wear! The emotional hangover must've been real, and I was just as relieved as she must've been to get them back. (Side note: Does shoe sizing not exist in fairytales?) It proved to me that the right pair of shoes really can change your life. (And a glass shoe? How chic is that?)

Needless to say, I’ve been a shoe gal since. Any time we went away on a family vacation, my dad would grumble and say, “Do you really need that many shoes? We’re only gone for a week,” to which my mom and I would respond, “Exactly!” A lot could happen in a week. What if we got stuck without the right footwear? It felt silly, and we were nothing if not practical. 

That practically has evolved since. I still adore a vertiginous heel every now and then, but after a few hard-learned lessons (almost destroying my ankle on some Parisian cobblestone, for one), I’m looking for function alongside fun. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not totally above buying eye-candy shoes; it's just that they should feel as sweet on my soles—like the ones I’ve listed below.


Not just the name of an early aughts Elizabeth Hurley flick. Life's short. Have some fun! And what's more fun than a sparkly shoe? Prince Charming not required.

Blue Leather Dress and White Boots Outfit



White Boots

Funky, mod, and slightly high maintenance—these are the boots Nancy Sinatra was singing about.

Lavender Outfit With Strappy Heels



Colorful Strappy Sandals

There's something undeniably sexy about a strappy sandal, and it never seems to go out of style. 

Sneakers Winter Outfit



Stacked Sneakers

Maybe it’s a hangover from my childhood, but I'll take any excuse to channel my inner Spice Girl. The height boost of a heel plus the comfort of a tennis shoe—what's not to love? 

Shearling Patchwork Boots




Fun fact about me: I was the first person at my small Texas prep school to own Uggs (and you better believe I wore the hell out of them, grueling heat be damned). Their recent revival is my homecoming.  Even the haters have to admit they're undeniably comfortable. Long live Uggs!