My Style Is Extra—Here Are 28 Fun Pieces I'm Buying From Nordstrom Now

Fun Nordstrom Shopping


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A lot of my stylish colleagues are the kings and queens of shopping for the best basics in the business, and while I certainly can identify a good simple item, it's the more elaborate items that I'm drawn to the most. When asked to describe my personal style, I freeze. While it's certainly always changing, there is one thing that remains the same, and that is how "extra" it is. So I like colored faux-fur and dramatic prints—sue me! Nothing against a well-curated closet of basics, but I would be lying if I said I didn't get a little too much enjoyment out of opening my closet and seeing a small army of feather-adorned pieces hanging all over the place.

If your style is simple, one of these stories linked here might be a better fit, but as for me, my style is extra, and these are the 28 really fun Nordstrom pieces I'm eyeing right now. Sometimes, you just need a festive purchase to lift your spirits, and I can promise you that any of the below items will do just the trick.

Cowboy boots are the one shoe trend I just won't quit, so naturally, I need this cow-print pair. 

I don't have my ears pierced, but if I did, I would be snatching these up ASAP.

Why wear one jean color when you can wear two? 

This fuzzy coat is what I plan on living in for the rest of this frigid winter. 

Black bags are great and all, but have you ever made your entire outfit pop with the simple addition of a colored bag? 

Yes, you know exactly what these look like (hello, Bottega), and yes, that's exactly why I'm buying them. 

AFRM makes some of the most interesting (and affordable) mesh turtlenecks. 

Grab this one before it's out of stock. I plan on wearing mine through the rain and snow alike. 

Raffia is one of spring's hottest trends. I'm using that fact as enough of a reason to buy this. 

Not to be dramatic, but this fleece is literally the most comfortable thing I own. 

Why wear a regular miniskirt when you could wear a cool one? 

All of my "extra" clothing requires simple counterparts, and this square-neck bodysuit will do just the trick.

This bone color will go perfectly with all of my neutral tailored trousers. 

This print is something you can wear year-round. 

I've put this in so many of my stories that I think it's time to pull the plug and just buy it. 

This wrap sweater will look great with all the printed pants and skirts I have sitting in my closet. 

Resisting a cute faux-fur jacket is something I have never been able to master. 

Thigh-high slits are my 2020 New Year's resolution. 

If "extra" style isn't your thing, shop the best 16 basics from Nordstrom.

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