French Girls Laugh When Americans Wear These Winter Trends

Dressing for winter can seem exciting when you're tired of your summer wardrobe, but after a few weeks of incessant layering and bundling, the novelty of it all quickly wears off. Trends might not be the first action item on your seasonal shopping list, but we are here to tell you new winter fashion trends will be the key to boosting your spirits and your look time and time again, especially when you're faced with those mornings of being underwhelmed by your wardrobe.

Instead of simply listing out yet another assortment of the hottest trends of the season, we tapped Farfetch’s senior women’s editor, Celenie Seidel, to fill us in on not only the biggest styles in America but also the heavy hitters in France too. Since French-girl style is an aesthetic sought after by women all over the world, we were curious to see the differences and similarities between the two countries as far as trends go, and thanks to Celenie's expertise in the popular global shopping website, we have all the answers we need.


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"Historically there has been a great divide between North American and European trends: the former known for its classic sportswear and the latter hailed as the epicenter of high fashion. The world in which we live today is an increasingly global community. With the prevalence of channels like Instagram breaking down geographic barriers and our constant consumption of information, trends are no longer the territory of only one city—rather they are shared, worn, and loved internationally," said Celenie when asked about the main difference between the two style types.

On a more granular note, she went into detail on the five most popular winter trends in both America and France and provided shopping visuals to go along with each. No matter which country you end up siding with, taking any of this shopping expert's advice into play will guarantee you the winter wardrobe of a lifetime. 


Grunge: "Another '90s flashback on the opposite end of the spectrum. Hoodies, slip skirts, lace and safety pins: This season’s reinterpretation of grunge was a happier reimagination with plenty of print and pops of color."

'90s Minimalism: "The world post–#oldcéline has been enjoying an uplift in brands paying tribute to the understated minimalism of the '90s; it's a time for clean lines."


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Cargo: "These polarizing pants are easing into their newfound popularity. Clean tailoring promotes cargo pants from surplus-store stalwart to risk takers' new best friend." 

Stompy Boots: "The Bottega effect has seen heavy-soled man-repelling boots make their way onto endless pairs of feet." 


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Leopard: "The most beloved of all animal prints now almost qualifies as a neutral. This season it covers coats, shoes, bags, and beyond." 


Imposing Outerwear: "Saint Laurent did it best for A/W 20. This look is all in the shoulders. Bigger and bolder is better." 

Romance Made Tough: "Romance of now has a darker, edgier mood, and the likes of Simone Rocha and The Vampire’s Wife's Susie Cave are the queens of this aesthetic." 


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'70s Bourgeoise: "1970s Rive Gauche returns this winter in an authentic rendition. The key to the look is blazers, pussy-bow blouses, pleat skirts, and to-the-knee boots, all in a neutral palette." 

Grown-Up Tailoring: "During A/W 19 a palette-cleansing mood swept over the industry, which has resulted in a pleasing array of ultra-chic tailored pieces. Outerwear and suiting are the true winners here." 


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Ballet Flats: "After a luxurious break, the ballet flat is back—a round or almond toe is key to this comeback kick." 

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