French Women Over 50 Swear By This Little-Known $13 Product for Perfect Skin

French women age with grace, but it's not thanks to cosmetic surgeons or because their skincare routines contain 15 high-tech products. Rather, French women over 50 are a little more relaxed about aging. Instead of trying to turn back the clock, they make a few strategic tweaks to their skincare routines and lifestyles so that by the time they reach their late 50s, 60s, and 70s, they look naturally beautiful but not fake.

"At 50 years old, a French woman knows that beauty is inside and outside," explains our go-to French beauty insider, Marie-Laure Fournier, president of Fournier PR + Consulting. "Not only does she need to use the right products, but she needs also to have a very balanced lifestyle with good nutrition." Translation: more hydrating, nourishing skincare ingredients (and more antioxidant-rich foods in slightly smaller portions).

So what are these key products French women over 50 swear by? We consulted Fournier to find out. Keep scrolling for six simple products that help French women age effortlessly.

Chanel Cleansing OIl

French women in their 50s are all about the double cleansing method—that's the key to getting a fresh pink lit-from-within glow. "More than often, it is not the wrinkles that give away your age, but the tones of your skin," says Fournier. "A pinky glow is a youthful glow." The way you get that glow is to fully clear away all the dead skin and pollutants "asphyxiating" your skin and muddying its tone. Fournier names Chanel's anti-pollution cleansing oil as the first product in the 50+ French woman's skincare arsenal.

Collosol Cleansing Milk

Follow up your oil cleanser with a milky cleanser or micellar water. Fournier recommends Collosol's unique non-rinse product, whose formula is based on wisdom the brand's founder received from her mother and grandmother. Applied to a cotton pad, the velvety texture instantly removes any leftover makeup and debris. 

Talika Lash Serum

Naturally full lashes and brows are a priority for any French woman. But since our hair gets thinner with time, French women make sure to have a lash growth serum that strengthens the skin and lash root to encourage growth. Fournier recommends Talika's, which contains a special ingredient called Coleus Forskholii—this protects the natural lash color from graying.

Embryolisse Moisturizer

Hydration should be the top priority for most women over 50, and French women know this. That's why most of them rely on a high-quality (but not too heavy) moisturizer like Embryolisse's iconic Lait-Crème. "This cult cream's history began in 1950 when a Parisian dermatologist combined shea butter, beeswax, and aloe vera to create a deeply nourishing, lightweight cream," Fournier explains. "To this day, it is an essential vanity must-have, especially when you are 50+."

Avène Face Mist

Of course, skin hydrating is never a one-and-done endeavor. That's why French women bring a face mist everywhere they go. "French women have a traditional habit of misting themselves, and the one that you will see in every purse at any age is Avène Eau Thermale Spray," says Fournier.

Red Wine

Certainly, skincare comes from the inside-out as well, and no French woman's routine is without one key ingredient: wine. "At 50 years old, French women know that the best way to get antioxidants is with two glasses of red wine at night," Fournier says to our delight. "The only difference between her 20-year-old self and her 50-year-old self is that she can actually afford a good bottle of red."

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