Perfectionists Will Hate This New Denim Trend

If you can’t stand the site of a bookshelf whose tomes are not perfectly aligned or the thought of a non-color-coded closet makes you anxious, perhaps you can skip this new denim trend. But for everyone else, let us introduce you to the DIY-gone-wrong hemline.

Think of it as one step (or stumble) beyond the raw-edge denim trend that’s already been so popular this year. But instead of a clean, straight cut with a few frayed edges, the bottom of these jeans have whole chunks missing, the line is nowhere near even, and the results, well, they look a little haphazard but also edgy, subversive, and unique.

Today we spotted these Frame pairs, a Net-a-Porter exclusive, as well as a denim skirt that also makes no apologies for its uneven silhouette. As far as we see it, your choices are still endless when it comes to styling them, too. You can keep it buttoned up and prim, letting your jagged edges hint at just a bit of chaos, or you could go head-to-toe perfect imperfection. Totally your call.

Check out some examples below of what the DIY gone wrong (but also very right) looks like.

Prefer to stick to the hems you already love? That's fine, too. Shop more evenly distressed pairs.

Opening Image: @netaporter

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