The "Sexy" Denim Trend That's Making Me Rethink All of My Baggy Jeans

I know what you're probably thinking—I just got on board with baggy jeans, and now, you're telling me to wear something else? Nope. Don't you worry. What I am telling you is that the baggy-jeans trend has evolved just like everything else does. Fashion people are still spending lots of time in baggy jeans, but thanks in large part to Kendall Jenner, your trendspotting Who What Wear editors have noticed a new trend that's emerged from the baggy-jeans craze.

The trend is actually a hybrid of the long, baggy jeans we know and love combined with the tight vintage Levi's look that we also know and love on top. Although I'd love to have a cute term for them, I think the best one is just fitted loose jeans, so let's go with that. (I thought about "floose jeans," but I think we have enough hybrid words in our vocabulary.) They're really the best of both worlds in my opinion, and if you like for your jeans to be just a bit "sexy," you're probably going to love this trend. If you're thinking that they're similar to bootcut jeans, the difference is that they're not fitted all the way down to the knees, and they don't have as wide of an opening at the bottom. Although, you'll see that Levi's makes a pair of bootcut jeans that totally fits the fitted-loose bill.

Scroll on to see how Jenner and other fashion girls are wearing fitted loose jeans and to shop the very best pairs (according to me, at least).

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