5 Fine Jewelry Trends Fashion Girls Will Invest in This Year

Purchasing fine jewelry is definitely a big deal. Whether you're investing in your very first piece or are adding on to your ever-growing collection, both the price and the longevity of fine jewelry weighs heavy on a shopper. As it is with the rest of the sartorial cycles, fine jewelry does have trends that ebb and flow from season to season, and this year, there are quite a few that have piqued the interest of fine jewelry experts far and wide. Since investing in nice jewelry is not something to take lightly, I reached out to some of my favorite experts in the space to help guide you through the biggest fine jewelry trends of 2021

Each of the trends below was selected through that fashion girl lens meaning if you haven't already, you're about to see these styles all over your Instagram feeds, TikToks, and more. From the latest logo-mania craze to the ever-growing industry obsession with heavy chains, I am confident that with the help of the experts below, you'll be able to find a fine jewelry trend you find worth investing in this year. 

This trend can be choked up to the likes of Gen Z. There is undeniably a major difference between affordable costume jewelry and fine jewelry that's dripping in diamonds, but the younger generation of fashion girls have seemed to find the sweet spot: logo mania. Similar to the Y2K days of the Tiffany & Co. heart necklace (which is trending again, FYI), large fashion brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton are selling branded jewelry left and right. While I definitely wouldn't call these pieces "affordable," they hit a price point that is more entry-level and approachable for someone looking to start their fine jewelry collection. 

Beyond this specific logo trend, fine jewelry, in general, is starting to resonate more and more with younger shoppers. "We've seen a strong focus on emerging brands that resonate with a younger and more fashion-focused customer who are looking for luxury jewelry that speaks to them. This season, we've actioned our first dedicated fine-jewelry mentorship, as part of our Vanguard program, with emerging designer Jameel Mohammed, who launched his inaugural fine jewelry collection, KHIRY Fine. Inspired by aspects of both global and personal Black culture, his collection offers a unique view that will resonate with our customers," Libby Page, senior market editor at Net-a-Porter, tells us. In other words, we can expect this generation to really start to create buzz around new trends and designers in the fine jewelry space. 

"Chains are cyclical. Chains have come and gone for as long as I can remember. I equate chains to a trend similar to denim. Like hoop earrings, they are a classic piece of jewelry that has been around since the beginning of time. There is a style, weight, and color for everybody. Chains, depending on their size, can be a statement and can dress up any outfit whether it be a sweatsuit, jeans, and a T-shirt or a dress.”—Jennifer Fisher

"Color is a core part of Pomellato's DNA, especially within our Nudo collection. Purple is trendy in jewelry and we can explore this hue with amethyst. In fact, we are launching in February a collection of Nudo amethyst and white diamond rings, lariat, and earrings and expect this to be a very popular collection.”—Sabina Belli, Pomellato Group CEO

"Stackability in jewelry is so much fun and allows for great combinations of pieces. From necklaces of different lengths and sizes to stacking bracelets for an amazing 'arm party' Pomellato offers several options for the right look. Our Iconica collection is perfect for stacking bracelets in several sizes and shapes: large and small links, bangles, and cuffs to create the perfect look. Not only can you stack the bracelets on your wrist, but you can also link them together to form an amazing look of chunky chains around the neck. You can't go wrong with chains. The more, the better!"—Belli

"My modern take on this timeless gem continues in 2021! I like to play with form and scale, so I either like them big and organic using larger baroque pearls to make a strong chic statement or tiny, round, and prong set for a delicate feminine vibe. Expect to see both sizes of these luminous beauties incorporated into my heavier chain styles and, as always, mixed with diamonds in all shapes and sizes.”—Zoe Chicco