I'm Growing My "Forever" Jewelry Collection—All the Pieces I'm Eyeing Now



Stepping into adulthood comes with a myriad of things: paying your own bills, establishing a 401K, and having your own insurance. On the fashion front, maturity can also translate via your wardrobe: As alluring as bottom-of-the-barrel prices might be, fast fashion will never quite match a piece made with care and the utmost quality. That's precisely why for the upcoming year I've challenged myself to completely revamp my closet. My objective is to find pieces that I will wear year after year, and that will also continually bring me joy. It's an ambitious project that will undoubtedly take time (after all I didn't accumulate all of the junk in my closet in just one year), so I'm starting with my jewelry collection. 

As it stands, the bulk of my collection falls into the "fashion jewelry" category—which is essentially glorified costume jewelry— and while fun for an event or for sporadic wear, tarnishing, and general wear and tear is inevitable. The few solid gold and gold-plated pieces I do own have outlasted all of my fashion jewelry twofold, so I'm putting the trendy stuff to rest in favor of timeless designs made with precious metals and materials. Since people tend to notice your jewelry first, it makes sense to splurge a little bit more here. But jumping straight into the Cartier and Bulgari pool isn't also completely necessary—it's completely possible to find great pieces on a tighter budget. 

If you too are interested in growing your "forever" jewelry collection, keep scrolling. Whether you have $100 or $10,000 to spend, I've included options at every price point.

Under $250



Daphine is beloved by some of the most stylish women in fashion. Most of the pieces look like a million bucks but are deceptively affordable. 

The teardrop pendant feels sophisticated but with a little fun.

I already own this necklace and I never take it off.

If your budget is a little tighters, take a peak at Oma the Label. While you'll find a ton of trendy styles (which I wholeheartedly recommend), the brand also stocks classic pieces like these gold-plated hoops.

Missoma is one of my top favorites for demi-fine jewelry. I've never had an issue with any of them tarnishing yet.

For those with a row full of piercings, make your ear stack dazzle.

This bracelet is incredibly stunning.

Creating jewelry that looks like a work of art is what Agmes does best, and the quality is amazing for the price.

A sleek collar will never go out of style.

Timeless doesn't have to mean boring. Case in point, this fun, gloopy ring by New York brand Faris.

Under $500



Fans of dainty and elevated designs, White/Space is the brand for you. This irregular shape of the pearls adds a modern touch.

A simple curb chain is the foundation of any cool jewelry collection. 

Louis Abel's designs are truly unlike any other. 

A Spinelli Kilcollin ring has been at the top of my wishlist for years. The silhouettes are just iconic.

Beaded jewelry may be having a moment now, but it's a timeless piece you can wear over and over again.

Dome rings definitely add French-girl flair.

Big gold hoops are always a must—consider these an upgraded version.

Over $500

The recent social media buzz over Van Cleef Arpels' Alhambra collection (which was first introduced in 1968) proves just how timeless it is.

The trick to scoring a Cartier watch for less? Resale sitess like The Real Real.

While Mateo has some truly fantastical fine jewelry pieces, this delicate bracelet is perfect (and well priced) for the everyday.

For daily wear, go for delicate pieces—not only are they versatile, but you also won't have to worry about taking them off with several outfit changes.

Tennis necklaces are an investment, but oh so worth it.