Did This 13-Year-Old's Feminist T-Shirt Deserve To Be Censored?

Talk about gutsy: When a 13-year-old Ohio middle-schooler named Sophie discovered that her T-shirt—which featured the hand-written word "Feminist" on it—had been totally blacked out in a school photo, she staged a full-on protest. 

According to MSNBC, the school's principal made the call to censor the T-shirt not because it explicitly violated any school dress code rules, but because she wanted to "avoid any unintended controversies." (Oh, the irony.) This (rightfully, we would say) outraged Sophie, who then took to Instagram and Twitter to air her pointed grievances.

?"Everyone participating in the protest will be wearing a shirt with a phrase like 'I deserve freedom of expression,' or 'Feminism isn't offensive,' or anything you think fits," Sophie wrote on her Instagram.

Reminder: This girl is 13 years old. We think it takes tremendous courage to take on "the man" in such a way. We are very much on the side of the young revolutionary, and we have a feeling most people in fashion would tend to agree—after all, Karl Lagerfeld staged an entire feminist protest on the Chanel runway for the house's S/S 15 collection. 

What do you think of Sophie's feminist protest? Sound off in the comments below!

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

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