My Dad Is Personally Vouching for These Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is approaching faster than you'd think—June 17 is just a couple short weeks away—which means that you'd better start shopping now so you can find the perfect gift in time for the holiday. This year, we're celebrating our dads along with all the men we feel grateful to have in our lives. So no matter who you're shopping for, be sure to pick out a Father's Day gift that will mean a lot to them.

But let's face it: Shopping for men can sometimes be a challenge. To make it way easier on myself (and hopefully on you too), I went straight to the source and asked my own dad which gifts he'd be over the moon to receive. By now, I know his style is pretty set in its ways, so I was happy to hear that items like a bright (and very on-trend) lavender tie was indeed a hit. Naturally, as a fashion editor, I tried my best to update his typical wardrobe of loose-fitting jeans and unironic sneakers with more stylish slim-fitting jeans and sleek leather sneakers.

Ultimately out of all of my suggestions, the following gifts were a hit with my dad, so there's a high chance that they'll be a hit with yours too. Shop the Father's Day gifts that are approved by my very own father.

Now you have a solid idea of which gifts are sure to win over your dad this Father's Day.