The Ear Piercings That Are In and Out for 2017

Just becaue your ear piercings (should you have them) are permanent, doesn't mean earring trends are too. In fact, we reached out to three top jewelry designers to get the inside scoop on which ear piercings will be in and out for 2017. Whether you forgot you even have your ears pierced at all, or are someone who wears the same pair of studs every single day, let this be a lesson. 

Despite aligning opinions from designers Paige Novick, Candice Pool Neistat from Finn, and Baylee Swart from Azlee that the overwhelming multiple ear piercings look will be "out" in 2017, they each have a unique take on the trends that will be "in," and let us tell you, each is just as sleek as the rest. So get ready to shop the ear piercings that will be in and out this coming year and be prepared to put a few of the following trends on the back burner for the time being! 

Keep reading to shop the earring trends that are going to blow up in 2017.