“You Look Like a Movie Star” Is What People Will Say When You Wear This Chic Summer Accessory

In the height of summer, when your makeup has melted off by the time your tube journey is over and you’ve sweated through your cotton tee after five minutes, you’ll likely feel pretty desperate to lose the layers. Whilst, in theory, this makes perfect sense, it’s not what I’m here to recommend.

Is it just me or does every chic outfit right now involve a scarf? Of course, I'm not talking about the woolly or cashmere styles that we wrap up in all winter. The summer scarves I'm seeing are lightweight; composed of silk, satin or cotton and offer more styling versatility than you might think.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Adding a glamorous edge to your looks in ways no other accessory could, the summer-scarf trend is one I'm seeing more and more as classic style continues to dominate the fashion agenda. Why not give your beachside style a major upgrade by folding a small square scarf into a neat triangle and securing it around your hair, just like the movie stars in old black and white movies?

For an elegant touch that even Audrey Hepburn would be proud of, secure any excess fabric around your neck, creating a seamless finish whilst keeping your neck protected against the glaring sun. For a more low-key but equally stylish look, fold a square scarf into a triangle and drape it over your head before securing the ends either under your chin or at the nape of your neck. Honing '70s charm in the chicest way, this subtle addition can lift any look into style-icon territory.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Clearly big news this season, I've spotted countless influencers style a summer scarf, both abroad and at home. Wearing well with the floaty dresses and printed layers we typically reserve for summer holidays, the trend also works beautifully when paired with more casual looks like jeans and a tank top.

Tapping into several overarching trends, summer scarves marry quiet-luxury aesthetics with a nostalgic edge and playful touch. If you're anything like me, then you too spent your youth draping scarves across your shoulders, adhering clip-on earrings and slipping into somebody else's pair of high heels at any given opportunity. For me, a silky scarf will always elicit the same excitable feeling of dressing up as it did when I was a child.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Further fuelling my need to invest in this key summer accessory, both designer and high-street brands are serving up an eclectic range of lightweight scarves. From COS' pretty style to Rouje's lemon-embellished design, read on to shop our favourites, but first, continue scrolling to discover how influencers are styling the trend right now.


Influencer wears the scarf trend.

(Image credit: @mishti.rahman)

Style Notes: Wear with an oversized pair of sunglasses for a movie star-esque ensemble.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

(Image credit: @mishti.rahman)

Style Notes: Drape a skinny scarf across your chest for an ultra-elegant silhouette.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Style Notes: Channel your best Audrey Hepburn and secure a scarf around and your neck and head like Borislava Sekova.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Style Notes: Offering both a lightweight layer and the little bit of shade, an oversized silky scarf can go a long way to keep you cool during summer.

Influencer wears the scarf trend.

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Style Notes: Yet another way to style a silky scarf.


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