The Hero Pieces Stylish Women Wear Over and Over Again

We all have that "hero piece"—the denim style that fits just right or the accessory we wear every single day. These must-have items are what define our style more than any passing trend. We buy them over and over again because they look good on us and because they make us feel great and, well, like ourselves. Sometimes it's as simple as finding the T-shirt that fits just right, no matter what the rest of our outfit looks like.

So, what are those items for fashion's trendsetters and coolest dressers? We quizzed five women who inspire our outfits every day—designers, PR gurus, and editorial whizzes alike—for the deets on the items they buy (and wear) over and over again. Curious to know the hero piece of these women's closets? Read on to find out, and to shop each for yourself! 

Get the scoop on five trendsetters' must-have fashion picks below!