Only Wear Black and White? You'll Love These 7 Monochrome Outfits

For some, the idea of having any type of bold colour in their wardrobe is unthinkable. Instead, monochrome outfits, featuring black and white pieces, is the only thing they find acceptable. This is totally fine as a) they can obviously dress how they want, and b) it's unfalteringly chic. There's only one problem: How do you make a monochrome wardrobe look interesting every day? We turned to the street style women who have taken the look to a whole new level with their inventive outfits. Scroll down for your 101 on how to wear monochrome every day.

#1: Smart Pyjamas


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Style Notes: Trust Caroline Issa to show us how this is done. Even better, she's opted for the comfiest option with a pair of pyjama-style pants and a kimono jacket. Add a white shirt to give it a more office-friendly vibe.

#2: Gingham


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Style Notes: Our love of the gingham trend hasn't disappeared, even in winter. All you need to do is make sure your option has long sleeves to keep out the cold.

#3: Midi Dress


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Style Notes: To make a monochrome outfit stand out, go for vertical stripes on a midi dress and a pair of statement shoes.

#4: White Tee + Black Trousers


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Style Notes: The easiest way to do the monochrome outfit every day is to pair a white tee and black trousers together. Add a statement coat and glasses to bring it all together. 

#5: White jacket + Dress


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Style Notes: The white jacket can be a bit of a terrifying option come winter, but don't let the weather put you off. Simply get a blazer in a warmer material and long dress.

#5: Wedding guest look


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Style Notes: A white dress isn't acceptable as a wedding guest, but if you pair a slip dress with a leather corset/wrap top, such as this one from Alaïa, we reckon you can get away with it.

#7: For brunching


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Style Notes: The ultimate brunching outfit is a crisp white jacket plus leather or smart leggings. Just make sure to keep your outwear away from the eggs benedict.

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Elinor Block