6 Fashion Prints Blowing Up on Instagram (That Aren't Snakeskin)

Take a look inside my wardrobe and you'll see predominantly one-toned pieces. You'll find a sea of classic black, crisp white, and a bit of color. One thing you won't spot a whole lot of? Prints. I'm not necessarily pattern-shy, but they're not something I gravitate toward when I'm shopping for wardrobe staples. That said, this season, I've been feeling inspired to step outside of my comfort zone and give the biggest print trends a try.

Snakeskin is a clear winner right now (just take a look at the street style scene if you need more proof), but I was curious to see which other unique motifs have infiltrated the fashion world. As per usual, my search took me to the treasure trove of inspiration that is Instagram—and hear me out when I say the fashion print trends blowing up on my feed right now are amazing. I'm ready to take a risk and sport them this season… Are you?

Ahead, six fashion print trends to test-drive this season (and beyond).

1. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is destined to stick around for another season, so now may be time to stock up on the bold print.

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2. Dalmatian Spots

Move over, cheetah spots: There's a new animal print in town, and it's taking over Instagram.

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3. Vibrant Florals

Florals will always be in, but this season, we're seeing an influx of exceptionally vivid blooms.

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4. Polka Dots

Like florals, polka dots always have a place in our wardrobes. Right now, they're popping up on everything from flowy summer dresses to chic two-piece sets.

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5. Tropical Prints

Take a vacation—or feel like you're on one—by sporting tropical prints of all kind.

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6. Paisley

The '70s are back, and so is anything paisley. We're loving the ornamental design on everything from skirts to scarves to tops.

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Eva Thomas