My 59-Year-Old Mom Went to Madewell, H&M, and More to Find These "Unusual" Items

Unique Fashion Items 60-Year-Old Women Shop For


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

You might be semi-familiar with my mother, Nancy. If not, she’s an almost-60-year-old Midwesterner who's into fashion but favors an uncomplicated approach to style to work within the timeless wardrobe she’s been curating for years. I recently tapped her to reveal the easy fall 2019 trends she’s been incorporating into her closet. But because I know she has more to say (she always does…), I found it appropriate to continue our fall-shopping conversation right now.

She recently visited me in Boston, and we made it a point to stop in all of her favorite stores (in addition to hanging and shopping online) to build her fall wardrobe. Oh, for reference, her go-to stores happen to be Anthropologie, Madewell, H&M, and Club Monaco.

Her overall response after perusing the fall offering in each? "I love going to these stores because I find more unusual items that 'cool girls' wear. You know, those classic but slightly different things not everyone in my hometown will have."

Okay, let's get straight to the good stuff. Go on to uncover the fall staples my mom is jazzed about and why. (Some she bought, and many she's thinking about buying.) As you keep scrolling, you just might find a special piece (or five) that could work for you as well—no matter your age. Because after all, your age really has nothing to do with what you should buy and wear.

Finally, fair warning, you’re going to spot (wink, wink) a lot of leopard print ahead. But hey, it’s one of my favorite trends as well—like mother, like son.


“Now this is a fall jacket. I love that it’s reversible to a floral print so it’s almost like you’re getting two coats in one.”

“The little pom-poms on the balloon sleeves are so fun.”

“The colors here bring me back to the ’70s. All about it.”

“Not only are these playful and cool, but they come with ankle support, too!”

“Yes, I know this one is more practical, but a functional tote (especially in this slightly unusual color) is never a bad investment.”


“I have a few denim jackets, but nothing as special as this. The leopard lining is not only so soft but so chic, too.”

“I noticed this top right away when I walked into the store. I liked the unique color combo—and the slightly looser fit with the flattering puff sleeves.”

“I clearly have a thing for leopard this season I guess. The cut of this dress works well for me because it’s actually not too tight and has a nice sleeve detail.”

“I’m always on the hunt for comfortable flats that don’t look totally boring. These accomplish that just perfectly.”

“While I initially thought these were a bit out there for me, the clean design actually gives them a classic feel to wear every day.”


“I just can’t get over all the fun leopard-print dresses this season.”

“I’m finally trying the plaid blazer trend I see everywhere. I liked that this style was a bit different with the red tints.”

“I had never tried H&M jeans before, but they’re actually quite soft with the right amount of give. And under $40? Score.”

“I basically live in turtleneck and mock-neck sweaters during fall and winter in Wisconsin. I liked this find specifically because of the loose sleeves for a modern twist.”

“I love the oversize silhouette here—feels a bit cooler than the super-tailored fall coats I have in my closet.”

Club Monaco

“It’s the offbeat stitch detail that really brings this classic crew-neck sweater to life.”

“The V shape and embossed croc give these such a fancy feel.”

“This sure beats my average black midi skirt.”

“I immediately gravitated toward the unique shape of these earrings. They also look so much more expensive.”

“I love the blue buttons and the old-school feeling of this cozy cardigan.”