We're Shopping Experts—Here's Everything We've Added to Our Baskets for Summer

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As a fashion editor and stylist, I spend the majority of my time looking at clothes, whether it’s a sneak peek at a brand’s upcoming collection, writing up the most recent catwalk trends or searching for expensive-looking pieces on the high street. While it’s amazing to be able to walk you through a show-and-tell of the latest looks, it’s dangerous. And by dangerous, I mean for my bank account. With so much newness, it’s easy to shop at all times. But although I used to be a bit of a shopping addict, my habits have changed, and I now fully think before I shop.

Impulse buys are just so easy to make. And after years of leaving items sitting in my wardrobe with the tags still on, I now make a conscious effort to think about what I need and will get the most wear out of. This doesn’t mean I don't buy into trends—I do, but I just buy the ones I know I’ll wear. It’s so important to remember we don’t have to wear all the new trends each and every season. As part of my effort not to shop for the sake of it, I keep a handy list in my Notes app with links to everything I’ve seen that I want at the time. If I’m still thinking about it weeks or months later and I feel like I’ll wear it often, I’ll buy it.

So, seeing as sharing is caring, here’s a look into team Who What Wear's Notes app with everything we truly love for summer 2024. From the designer sunglasses with a cult following to the linen staples you'll be grateful for once the temperatures rise again (here's hoping), here's my edit of the best items to consider for this spring, summer, and beyond. Now, where did we put our passports…

Remy Farrell, Fashion Editor

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Maxine Eggenberger, Deputy Editor

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Poppy Nash, Managing Editor

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Natalie Munro, News Writer

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Grace Lindsay, Junior Beauty Editor

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Georgia Seago, Sub Editor

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Jerrylyn Saguiped, Affiliate Manager

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Remy Farrell
Fashion Editor

Remy Farrell is a London-based shopping editor with nearly 10 years of editorial experience covering fashion, beauty and lifestyle. After graduating with a journalism degree and working on the editorial and fashion teams for titles such as Grazia, Elle, Cosmopolitan and British Vogue, she moved into the luxury e-commerce sector, working as fashion assistant at TheOutnet.com styling for the social media channels and helping to develop the collections for the in-house brand Iris & Ink. After expanding an assisting and styling portfolio that includes shooting talent such as Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham and Miquita Oliver, she also branched out into beauty, creating tried-and-tested reviews and diverse beauty content.In her role as shopping editor at Who What Wear, Remy is interested in discovering new and exciting brands to share with the Who What Wear readership and particularly loves uncovering hidden gems at affordable prices to make shopping accessible to everyone.Born and raised in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Remy moved to London in 2014 and lives in the Docklands with her partner and pug Billie.