I've Been an Editor for 4 Years—These Are the Pieces I Always Put in Stories

There's nothing complicated about this story. Simply put, I've been a Who What Wear editor for about four years, and I couldn't begin to tell you how many stories I've written in that time, but I'm positive it's somewhere in the thousands. That means the number of shoppable pieces I've put in stories in that time is somewhere in the tens of thousands. I love finding new brands and trends to present to you, our loyal readers, but there are also certain pieces that are timeless and brands that do certain categories so well that I keep going back to them. Not only that, but after putting this roundup together, I realized that I now even own every one of these pieces except for one (Note to self: Get an Away suitcase). That's how good they are.

Read on to shop the pieces that I'm fond enough of to constantly include in stories and buy for myself and to find out what makes them so, well, magical.