The Coffee Table Books Every Fashion Lover Needs

While we often make our investments in a pair of quality shoes, curating pieces for our living spaces is just as important to making any house or apartment a home. And if you appreciate style as much as we do, then fashion coffee table books are one of the best ways to make our tabletops worthy of an Instagram flat lay or two. 

Whether it’s one of the major luxury design labels or an under-the-radar brand, every fashion lover has her favorites, and that appreciation goes far beyond beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories. Oftentimes, it’s how these pieces captured, whether it’s through an editorial shoot, an archive of behind-the-scenes moments, or a brand’s history. With a fashion title, you can have all of this and more bound into a beautiful quality book. Let them be a decorative part of your table, or page through them whenever you find yourself in need of inspiration.

If you aren’t sure which titles to invest in first, we found some of the best ones for any fashion girl’s home to get you started. Check them out now.

Start building your collection with these, and then you’ll be a fashion book connoisseur in no time.