If You Only Try 4 Fall Trends, It Should 100% Be These
If You Only Try 4 Fall Trends, It Should 100% Be These

If You Only Try 4 Fall Trends, It Should 100% Be These

I get excited about new seasonal trends just as much as the next girl but understand that sorting through them can be just as exciting as it is overwhelming (there are so many this year!). It's not just about figuring out which trends best fit your personal style (aka which ones you'll actually wear), but also which ones will stick around longer than a month. 

I've done the legwork for you this year by paying close attention to what other fashion insiders are wearing right now, trying a fair share of trends out myself, and seeing what fashion authority Net-a-Porter is featuring on their site. The brand is always a trusted source for what's trending at any given time and it looks like we're in agreement on the four major fall trends. I'm particularly excited about these trends because they're all really wearable, making them worth the investment. Even better, Net-a-Porter's current product selection is truly *chef's kiss* but I doubt you are the least bit surprised.


Neutrals are the foundation of any wardrobe, but it's the colorful pieces that make fashion fun. I'm so happy that saturated hues, from bold blues to punchy pinks, are such a big thing this season. It's so refreshing! Expect to wear the following pieces straight into spring.

As far as I'm concerned, Jacquemus can do no wrong, and this hot pink sweater is no exception. The collar feels cool without trying too hard.

Slippers you can actually wear outside? Yes, please.

I'll be wearing this cardigan with classic denim and printed bottoms alike.

You won't notice this at first glance, but the turtleneck is actually a separate attachment that can be removed.


Any trend that involves comfort is a trend I'm backing, so matching sweater sets is a no-brainer. From knit bras and shorts to ribbed skirts and tops, matching sweater sets are more elevated than sweatpants and a hoodie but secretly just as comfy. Prepare to feel like you're wearing very chic PJs out of the house (minus all the strange looks that usually come with that).

Just add a blazer and lug-sole boots, and voilà! A full look is born.

The cable-knit material feels very après-ski chic.

The matching wide-leg pants are a must. I can't think of a cozier outfit.

Wear these pants and an oversize leather jacket with the sweater above for a polished off-duty vibe.


Totes are not a new handbag style by any means, but this season is all about totes that are so large they're almost obnoxious. Almost. I'm not giving up my mini bags just yet, but I love that a style that actually fits everything I want to carry around is trending right now. Once again, wearability is important.

The leather details make this canvas tote feel quite cool and modern.

I love that this tote features not only two shades of brown but two textures, too.

This felt tote technically checks the saturated-colors trend too, so you know I had to include it.

I'm here for the revival of brand logos as prints. Balmain is doing it so well.

This bag makes me feel the need to book a tropical vacation immediately.


Last but not least, another bold trend that is sure to turn heads: statement coats. Bright colors, check and animal prints, cloud-like materials—it's all fair game this season. It might just be me, but I find cold weather is a lot more bearable (and fun!) when I'm wearing one of these cool coats.

While this coat is certainly a statement piece, leopard print is starting to feel like a staple, and I'm here for it.

This is likely the softest material you'll ever touch.